What would you do: Spring break travel?

You’re flying home from Spring Break with the family with a bit of sunburn and some exhausted children. Your carry gun is locked away in your suitcase as per all of the rules and regulations of the airline your flying on and the airports you’re traveling to and from.

There’s a late spring blizzard hitting a huge portion of the U.S. and your flight home to Pittsburgh is being forced to land at an alternate airport – LaGuardia in New York City.

Knowing you cannot legally have your firearm in NYC, what would you do?

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I would not pick up my firearm, no way, no how. I am unwilling to be their next victim. I have never heard of anyone who did not pick up the gun being prosecuted. Perhaps I am wrong??

When I used to fly a lot, with a firearm, I chose my airlines and connections carefully. Including rebooks. I would even pay my own hotel to not have the above happen.


Why would you invite an unnecessary arrest by lawfully claiming your legal property?


Let the airline handle the luggage transfers. Contact an attorney, and then the TSA. In no circumstances would I take possession of the bags that held the firearm.


I’ve chosen to forgo air travel altogether. There’s no point to be made by checking legally owned firearms with the TSA as the firearms are likely to be confiscated anyway.

Why would anyone even consider traveling commercial air while checking their legally-owned firearms as baggage?

You are literally inviting the Feds to confiscate your weapons under any false pretense that they can conjure up (fabricate).

Are you flying in from Florida or Fort Worth , Texas? Instead of putting your gun in your luggage, Which, luggage never gets lost!, :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Have it shipped to your home by FFL, maybe? Just an idea! I have not flown since I was enlisted, so, as for any experience with flying with a gun in my luggage is nottah! In 1986 I put my guns in a cardboard box and flew away from Cali and went to Washington. Yeah, Cardboard box!

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I’d get a Cinnabon and wait for the next flight out. A non-issue.


Not sweat it. I’d rent a car. Have TSA escort me to the rented car, and place it still in the locked baggage that is was in on the plane, in the trunk. Although possession is not legal, TRANSPORTATION is. By NY law, as long as it is unloaded, Ammo separate, and all cases locked, it is legal to travel through a place you are not permitted with a gun, since you are permitted from your point or origin, and at your destination.


As that is only a positive defense, it does not preclude your being arrested. We have read stories about NJ & NY using those heavy-handed tactics just to punish people, forcing them to pay thousands or more just to defend themselves.

And after being cleared of charges, counter suit for violations of my rights.

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