What just happened in Pennsylvania

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Every time I hear the terms I try to correct the person using them. Please assist me in this endeavor.


I believe a great deal of the city shootings ARE drug related! All of the states have serious drug related problems-which can probably be (in many instances) somewhat related to mental health.

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There are those who argue that if you cure the user you eliminate the supplier. I would argue the reverse.

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Im going to be as diplomatic as possible, if this was something like say oh I don’t know… Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine vs the Right Reverend Jerry Falwell, MSM would be filing Amicus briefs all over the place. So once you squash us pesky pro 2A people, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

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Depending on the city as much as 85-95% of violent crime is directly related to gangs and drug activity which is why no gun control law is going to make any statistical difference in violent crime rates.

I’d argue this is completely correct. Young people by their very nature are risk takers and thrill seekers. If there is a supply of illicit drugs some will use them. Additionally there is a genetic predisposition to addiction so while some people can experiment without becoming addicts for others access to already addictive substances is a virtual guarantee you end up with new addicts.

You can address the problems from both ends to great success but focusing only on users simply cannot have a significant effect on the overall problem.

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You are correct that focus on the user only isn’t good enough BUT over the last30 years the focus has become only on the supply.
On top of that drug use has become a no fault of the user “disease”. In this day and age no one can claim ignorance as reason they use drugs.
Stop treating drug users as innocent victims and start treating them as receivers of illegal items.