What is your religion and why?

I hold doors open often, for anyone who is behind me. On at least two different occasions, I was screamed at by a woman who found it sexist. There’s one in every crowd, it seems.

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It’s a humbling fact for any person to consider that God’s characteristics- including God’s existence or lack thereof- is completely independent of our opinions. No person can believe God into existence, nor can any person’s disbelief cause God to stop existing. In that respect, we’re all the same.

I remember when my children were toddlers. They all went through a stage where they would repeat what they wished to be true, regardless of obvious facts. It could be as simple as “there is no school tomorrow” or "we have ice cream. My showing them the calendar or the empty ice cream carton would only cause them to insist more. And generally, these would end with a child crying because they would not will their wishes into existence.

This is how I often feel when people express their dogma on the supernatural. My favorite statements are from those who declare “I refuse to believe in a God that…”, as if our beliefs have any relevance. It comes from religious and irreligious people alike. Most of us have a hard enough time grasping what we know of nature, to say nothing of the unknown natural wonders or the universal forces that may or may not impact our natural world.


Does that mean that yelling “election fraud” over & over doesn’t make that true either?


Depends on whether or not we ever find any adults. :smirk:


@Justin47 >>> My Energy is put into. >>>>>BUDDHISM>>>>>
A viewpoint on( Religion & God ) are discussed by George Carlin a stand up Comedian. Funny but hits home. Check it out. >>>>> WITH ALL RESPECT FUN >>>
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I guess this explains why I never got that bb gun I always wanted for christmas.


How is water able to be Solid, Liquid, Gas?

Gods not only triune but us… ‘humans’ who were made in his image are also triune beings.

Spirit, soul, body.


@Mr.Plastic >>>> WELL PUT <<<. :paraguay::paraguay::paraguay:

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I wasn’t raised by a church going family. Both my parents had been Catholic but they had both been divorced before they married.

My mother read the Bible with me when I was younger. My father was at best agnostic but having been taught in a Catholic school was quite knowledgeable about the Bible. He told me it was my choice if I believed in Christ or not but if the religion was true and I did have faith I would be way ahead of the game when it needed.

Mainly I read the Bible and books about the Bible. I believe I have read it cover to cover at least five times in different versions such as the King James Version, the New International Version and the English Standard Version.

I have attended several churches throughout my lifetime. The one that impressed me the most was the Bascilica on Jackson Square in New Orleans. The priest who gave the sermon raised hell with the members of the congregation for the vice and sin in the adjoining French Quarter. Most Protestant churches I attended avoided chastising their congregation for their most common sins. Most likely they feared it would reduce the amought of the donations.


Welcome to the family brother @William837 and God bless you.

Finally hit an age where someone offered to help me get my bag into the overhead for the first time. I have to admit, I was offended for a brief moment, then hugely grateful. Is there a word for that?


God bless you brother @CascadiaNow and I believe that the word your looking for is DENIAL. Been there, done that.