What is the biggest issue facing gun owners today?

@Dawn and @Nathan, While most LEOs are not gun knowledgable the one Sergeant friend of mine on our local force knows a bit and he and I have talked about the guns I’ve bought and if I ever needed help with the cleaning and breakdown of my AR he would help. I’ve extended an offer for him to come to my Gun Club as a guest but he lost his wife over a year ago and he is raising 2 girls and 1 boy on his own (some help from his parents) so he is pretty busy with the kids and working overtime to make ends meet.

His department has an outdoor range that they use and another nearby town invited them to start using their outdoor rifle range too.

If you get to know one or more of the local officers personally and start chatting with them you might be surprised what they know.


The idiots who carry and know not what they are doing. We all look bad and take a “hit” when some idiot does something stupid with a firearm, i.e. shooting a family member while cleaning their firearm, shooting a friend wearing a "bullet proof vest to see if it will stop a bullet and so many other ridiculous things that are in the media on just about a daily basis.


In Pittsburgh, the mayor and councilmembers!!!



Miss Dawn,

I am not an Politian or been trained for the legal end of the program, but somehow, HOW can we open
the eyes of our law makers; How can we open their eyes and ears to what matters here the most:
(Dem. or Rep., rich or poor, Colors do not matter, religion, Back Ground- Legal, and
Work -Doing their Best), to see that not all people are illegal or seeking to do harm to others with firearms of any type, and we seek to follow our Constitution (Which many people have lived and died for)???

Big Question ! I have only touched a few things here and mean no harm to anyone. I follow the Laws and Rules, that is all I have. I train, learn, read, study, practice, and have fun, but my heart hurts on these issues.

Thank You very much!

William H Smith Jr


That is the HUGE question - how do we get people to see that responsibly armed Americans are not the problem and that the laws only apply to law-abiding citizens? Criminals do not obey the laws. If they did none of this would be an issue because murder is already illegal.


Thank you! I appreciate your help.


@William_H, I think the answer to your question is “MONEY”.

Do you have a Million Dollars or More? :wink:

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Gun-Safety Advocates ! Beth added a video to our USCCA Web Page and gave us an
a title, plus the job to spread Gun-Safety, to all of us on the team and to the soon to
be students’, educators’, counselors’, and etc., to anyone that has the desire to learn the
correct fundamentals, safety, and their new talents; the proper way.

This is the start and it will take hard work.

William H Smith Jr


Washington DC and the democratic law makers. All the restrictions and lies told about the
good and respectable firearm owner. It is not our fault that the bad guy is out there. The
responsible man and women is the one getting hurt, killed, or punished.

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Educating those that feel gun control will stop mass shootings. Disarming law abiding citizens will never stop those that wish to harm others.
I never saw a gun jump off a shelf, load itself and shoot someone. They had to be controlled by a mentally ill or evil person. They need to understand this.


Without looking at the other responses I’d say the biggest issue is the misrepresentation by politicians and media as to who legally carries for self defense and how rare it actually is for licensed carriers to commit a crime with their defensive firearms.

You are more than 10x more likely to be unlawfully or unnecessarily shot by a cop on duty than you are by the average citizen who is lawfully carrying.

Next would be the misrepresentation of the lawful vs unlawful use of firearms.

We hear endlessly about 40,000 “gun deaths” annually in the US with no distinction between suicides, lawful and unlawful homicides and almost nothing abut the 2-3 million instances each year in which a firearm is used to stop or deter a crime in progress or about to be committed without ever even being fired.

Those that control the narrative aren’t winning on facts, they win by misrepresenting the facts and by avoiding facts which don’t support their political agenda to disarm us to the greatest extent possible.

To counter this about all we can do is be good examples and ambassadors ourselves and try to educate those around us whenever possible without being pushy about it by arming ourselves with well sourced and verifiable facts, and for organizations like the NRA, USCCA, 2nd Amendment foundation etc to be as vocal as possible in presenting all of the facts and disputing the anti gun narrative on every media platform that they can gain access to.

When all of the fact are presented we can win the argument every time. This will not change the minds of the vast majority of those who hate guns and gun owners but we can over time win the numbers game by convincing those that have yet to form an opinion to see our side by exposing them to the facts.


I like that but I’m not so sure I like the USCCA logo being on it as it will give the impression to many that the USCCA is an organization of potential or active criminals.

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The NFA is just a piece of legislation that needs to be repealed or ruled unconstitutional on the merits, it’s not a Federal Agency or Department.

I agree with lots of what you have to say but would modify it.

Without a doubt carry regulations should be federal and states should not be able to have tighter restrictions than those that would be set federally as it is a clear violation of our rights on numerous levels.

We’re not going to win this battle in one step so the wisest course of action is to start with federal legislation setting out parameters and requirements for licensed carry that mandates your Federal Permit is valid in all fifty states, US Territories, and Protectorates.

Take away the state’s ability to infringe on our rights and give it a decade or so to prove out in the real world and then we can probably build enough consensus nationally to pass some form of constitutional carry.

Our rights were infringed one law, and one court ruling at a time and the only way we’ll succeed at winning them back will be to do so in the same manner, one ruling, one piece of legislation at a time.

Rapid, dramatic change forced on the public against their will will only result in widespread opposition to same and decades of resentment.

To win the war, we have to pick our battles wisely and over time convince a large majority of the public we are in the right and pull them slowly then over to our side of the argument.


Pretty simple for me, it’s the Red flag laws.


What a complete idiot. Someone buy that poor girl a clue and take her to a range!

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I’ve given this a few days thought.

What I see as the biggest threat to law abiding gun owners is an incredibly biased anti gun agenda in the overwhelming majority of press outlets today.

On top of the bias there is a pervasive ignorance which abounds in those who report on stories involving guns and crime or on “gun issues”.

The other major threat is coming from fewer people growing up with, enjoying, and keeping firearms. Like any other political subject when you are a tiny minority you are ruled by a mob and in this case it’s an ignorant, highly biased mob that is fueled by anti gun propagandists in the media along with politicians who will flat lie to them about guns and their relationship with crime.

Solution? We all need to be be strong proponents and advocates for gun and carry rights including inviting those we know who might be persuadable to come out and shoot with us.

I have yet to take anyone shooting that didn’t end up having a lot of fun and that first bite at the apple can change them for a lifetime.

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More of us responsible firearms owners running for office, is what we need. We need to find cannidates that reflect our ideals, that reflect our complete culture and way of life. It is an amazing person who lives by the Constitution of The United States. We all regognize and seek to fix the slight leaks in our crust. Rome had issues similar, and it brought about Great Leaders, with the acception of Nero and Caligula… We must all take part in this experiment, this Democratic Republic. I am guilty of sitting on the sidelines too. Change and protest starts with behavior, few of us can rise to the level of leadership that changes. That is what we must seek, cultivate, elect, and establish… The fight has started, be ready for the bumpy ride.


That’s definitely important but what we need is more RAA’s voting.

When gun ownership falls below 40% we become a dying minority and that gives the anti gun left more and more momentum to attack our gun rights.


Non-gun owners!