What if two legal firearm carriers get into an altercation? Is avoidance the best defense?

In this vid, the presenter emphasizes knowing when to be the bigger person and use de-escalation techniques.


My mom always reminds me, “they’ll eventually meet their match.”


Complete egomaniacs evidently. Definitely the kid did not have a proper firearms class. The older man, especially being an former LE should have known better, just let his manhood take over his brain.


Is there more information on the incident than the youtuber standing in the parking lot telling us about something he wasn’t present for?


:thinking: :bulb: Yes… There is. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Seems like everything he stated was “supposedly”, “I imagine” or “I’m not really sure, but”.


If it gets posted I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

I hear you. Lamont certainly does have a unique style of story-telling. He honors those who died violently by respecting their grave sites, visiting cemeteries.

There’s danger to beware of from criminals. Who we may know when we see it.

However, this story tugged at me, because they seemed like “the guy next door” type. Neither planned ahead to commit a crime. They did not look the part.

Road rage being not uncommon, and with the increase in legal “carrying”; it made me think about anger management.

Can a usually calm and collective person ever become angry towards someone, even for a brief moment? And could that brief moment lead to an altercation?

I forgot where I heard it, but aside from the usual unwritten rule of needing to be a “responsible” firearm guardian, one is supposed to especially display superior calm when “carrying”.

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced something outside in the community. I felt anger. Nothing came of it. But later, after thinking about it, I kind of felt embarrassed that I let it get to me in the moment, because I came too close to taking it to another level, and I don’t want to be that person. Not a self-defense scenario, but embarrassed that I got angry. For feeling “that” … affects our judgement and our ability to make good decisions. Split seconds that can change our lives.


People have been wringing their hands and clutching their pearls about “arguments turned into gunfights” and “fistfights turned into murders” and “road rage turned into shootouts” ever since Shall Issue started getting passed in the 1980’s

We really don’t need to ask the question as a hypothetical any more, IMO…we have millions of carriers across decades at which to look

At the same time, you are exactly right. I can think of multiple stories I have seen posted in this very community in which the lawful carrier was escalating a situation they could have avoided, because of ego or “but he was a jerk [so I couldnt’ let it go]” as it is often stated.

So the numbers show that gun carriers are extraordinarily law abiding and peaceful…but we must remain vigilant to make sure it stays that way even, no, especially, when the other folks try to make it otherwise


From Alva Review-Courier:

The incident happened Tuesday night when the driver of a sport utility vehicle and the occupants of a pickup truck interacted and argued over the truck’s loud tailpipe, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

Police said the interaction went on for several miles before both vehicles whipped into the parking lot, nose-to-nose, and the SUV driver and a passenger in the truck got out armed with handguns and exchanged gunfire, hitting each other.

The truck passenger, Zachary Sutton, 22, of Lawrence, died at the scene, police said. The SUV driver, 53-year-old Monty Ray Amick, also of Lawrence, was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries.

Police say the driver and another passenger of the truck were not injured and have not been charged in the incident.


Taking all that as true, both drivers and both shooters are definitively wrong.

As for “more wrong” I’d say SUV driver wins the prize for worst of the worst as he almost had to initiate (complaint about exhaust of the truck), he chose to drive and stop for a confrontation, and he got out to shoot


The truck driver delivered his passenger to his death.
The other passenger didn’t prevent it.

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Are you going to card him?