What I learned from Dry Fire

Dry Fire Mag is a awesome tool for resetting the trigger for dry firing.
Unfortunately it’s available for few firearms only. The trigger feel is not the same… but it’s better than racking the slide every shot.
All depends how we dry fire and what we focus on at the moment.

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Training through repitition so that in an event you go to use your gun in self-defense after you shoot once you rack your slide just like you have been practicing!


I’ve read the same thing about picking up brass. Magazine retention too.

About 20 years ago when I bought a DAO Ruger SP101 357 snub I put a laser grip on it. I dry fired until I could pull the trigger through without any bounce. The laser will show you even the slightest movement. Also practiced draw and point with the laser. It was probably better training than live fire. I can still draw and put 5 rounds center mass at close quarters from retention meaning no sights. I do practice from 1 to 3 yards frequently. 80% of my shooting is defensive drills. Lately I have been using a lot of 22lr and a minimum of centerfire. I can afford to shoot a couple hundred rounds of 22lr once a week.

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They don’t make it in my gun, but if you have one of the Chosen Few, you can try Dry Fire Mags.

I await the day they offer one for Walther.

I have one of these for my Glock. The trigger feel is not exactly the same but it is similar. Very nice to be able to practice multiple shots without racking every time.