Dry fire training w airsoft

I am a fan of dry fire practice. I recently purchased a co2 fired air soft pistol for this purpose. With an empty mag and chamber the trigger operates as if it was loaded. So I can dry fire without racking the weapon. I am trying to keep my flinch under control! Any experience or comments on the best way to do this?


My advice is, if when you are at the range shooting you rack your slide then you should pretend your airsoft has a slide and conduct a racking motion just to keep your muscle memory going and squeeze the trigger just the way you normally do. Hope this helps.


I’m not a fan of airsoft gun for dry firing. Everything is different. Gun weight, trigger, sights, grip.
It is great tool for force-on-force training, when you focus on techniques, not on the firearm.
If you are looking for DA capability (perpetual trigger press) - I’d recommend Dry Fire Mag.
However… I don’t think you will be able to learn how to control flinching without live ammo.
You can perfectly control flinching with dry pistol… and it won’t work once you shoot in real.
So far the best drill for this is " Ball & Dummy Drill". Your gun, live ammo, real results.


I purchased a sig sauer co2 pellet pistol. Close to the same weight and feel. 20 or 30 magazine of pellets and the slide cycles when you shoot. Also goes ‘bang’ although at a lesser volume. Great for fairly close range and gives most of the same feel and sound of the real thing. Link: SIG SAUER P320 Air Pistol | SIG SAUER P320 CO2 Pellet Pistol


Just about any way you get your training in is good, and good for you for finding a way to get it done!

I dry fire my regular guns extensively just about every day. There is hardly a day when there is not at least one pistol loaded with snap caps/dummy rounds on my desk. My wife calls them my special paperweights.

For serious dry firing I prefer laser devices because they show the actual muzzle movement on the target in a way I can’t ignore it and force me to keep the trigger press perfect or suffer through that wobbly red dot that drives me nuts…


Best trigger control device for practice - SIRT.
“Dots, not Dashes” with SIRT, then “Ball & Dummy Drill” with real firearm.

I haven’t found better method yet…


I have a 45 and a 9mm,the 45 is carried in a shoulder holster,I wear snap western shirts and the 9mm is in an ankle holster,and I practice with laser snap caps in both calibers and have on demand lasers on the weapons and have 2 laser targets one is single and the other is an timed reaction target,and as I practice as i draw my thumb is on the thumb safety and my finger is always on the slide and i release the thumb safety as it comes out of the holster and as the on demand laser comes i put finger on trigger and fire, and this is point shooting,and have timed it and can draw,a and hit target in 1.5 seconds a little slower on the 9mm ankle,About 2 seconds if laying on floor,and also practiced with my riles at night with thermal targets and snap caps,have a snap on thermal the uses the scope that is on the rifle with adapter and the scope is a snap on,so any rifle can use the scope

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