What do you stockpile?

If the rest of the country is anything like Wisconsin, you’re seeing people stockpiling food, drinking water, OTC medications, and hand sanitizer. And your news anchors are telling people to wash their hands and cover their face when they cough or sneeze.

One person went into a local Walgreens and bought all of the soap and hand sanitizer on the shelf this weekend, due to the current media concerns about the coronavirus.

Do you stockpile supplies in your home? Medications? Food? Water?

What is the most important thing you stockpile?


I stockpile food and water, but not because of the coronavirus. I live in NH and there have been winter storms where we have lost power for up to a week. But if I was told I couldn’t leave my house for 2 weeks, I’d be fine.


I don’t really stockpile anything. If I need to bug out, I can’t carry it all. I also live near several sources of food, and materials necessary for survival. As more storage comes available, and financing allows, I’ll stockpile guns and ammo. As my favorite line from Gremlins 2 says “ we’re telling our clients to put everything in canned food and shotguns!”


Nancy and I don’t have to stock pile anything, we already have it all. :wink:


We keep enough on hand for a week without power. Lifestyle would change a bit but we would be comfortable. Theres other options if it would be a long term problem.

If you’re buying because the news wants you to freak out it’s too late anyways.


One man/woman’s “stockpile” is another man/woman’s “preparations and long term storage” :wink:

We have some “stuff” kept around for emergencies. Most important (in my opinion) is probably water followed by first aid gear.

My wife is seeing first hand the benefit of already having on hand vs trying to go out and fight the crowds once everyone else decides to go purchase essentials. I’m looking kinda genius to her right now. :slight_smile:


Mostly water, but not in amounts if things really got bad. I live near a lake and can boil water if things get that bad. Also, batteries, candles, and some dry food. Basically, enough for me and the fam to shut in a few days.


@JamesR :+1: Agreed, Water is most essential and hardest to store, I put up another 23 gals. today.


We try to keep at least a week of food & water around all the time. So that is a combo of dry goods, canned goods, bottled water, and fresher stuff like meats & veggies. We have some of the 25year freeze dried stuff for really hard-core emergencies (hope to never use it). The hard part is keeping an eye on the rotation of long-term goods.

OTC medications and first-aid we keep a decent amount of on-hand, but getting a stockpile of prescription medicines is tough (impossible?). Depending on when was the last refill, we’d either be totally fine riding out most emergencies or in serious trouble…

For the current coronavirus threat as long as we have electricity & internet we’d be good for a long while :smiley:


Water food ammo


:open_mouth: What no beans and bandaids. :wink:


Current pile, gets a decent bit added every shopping trip.


I’m probably a Junior Prepper compared to most. I can live comfortably off the grid for about 2 weeks. We keep a good stockpile of nonperishable food, water, and basic first-aid supplies. Nobody in my household takes prescriptions, but we usually have a month’s supply of the supplements we do take. My generator can keep our refrigerators, several lights, and network (if desired) running for 5-6 days with the fuel I have.

Unfortunately I don’t own a rifle, however have several handguns and I usually have between 2-3,000 rounds on-hand.


We have stuff put away in the tradition of the “hardy mid-westerner” if we got snowed in for 2+ weeks we would never notice. Soap, hand sanitizer, and TP are bought by the ton for the best price :slight_smile: so we are all good there.

The two kids at college are the biggest concern. NIU is on Spring Break this week and U of I is off next week, hopefully the break will allow any cases to be identified before they infect more people. The U of I has told students that it is more of WHEN a case of COVID-19 will be discovered rather than IF. I have equipped both of them with hand sanitizer that they are to use frequently. If it really gets crazy they have masks and gloves in their bags. I am not a medical person so I don’t know how paranoid I am being. I think the hand sanitizer is sensible and the gloves and mask may be over kill… this isn’t ebola but it seems worse than just the flu?

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My mom was a farm girl, so being prepared for inconvenience is just part of life for my family.
Keeping a sack of potatoes, onions, flour, oranges or apples, dried beans, dried or canned fruits, canned vegetables and dried pasta are just items to be expected in the pantry.
And wine :+1:

A good first aid kit is a must have and needs going over at least once a year. That stuff doesn’t last forever.

The State requires keeping enough water to supply each person in the household for four days because of the drought—check.

Our camping kit has lanterns and stove and fuel, which can be back up in case of power grid failure.

We buy batteries in value packages so there are always plenty around for flashlights, radio, etc…

I don’t expect ammo needs to increase any, but all my range ammo is suitable for SD if we get overrun by Lemmings.

If I’m going to stockpile anything it is probably going to be reading material to keep the noggin sharp.
And coffee :coffee:


Chocolate… though I have a very bad habit of nibbling - in excess.
Water, rice, beans, Progresso soups, a five months supply of dehydrated meals that were purchased for the whole family… now they’re all for me! Honey! no, I mean the stuff bees produce! (silly you)


We keep a deep Pantry as they would say most of the time anyways not just for this. The sad thing is hand washing sanitizer masks don’t help to much with this. Its a aerosol virus which means it can even enter through your eyes. But ive also learned warmer weather will help ive heard and more people are dieing from the flu thank covid19. But this is all of things ive heard… I also know you cant trust everything you hear…


A long time ago people were appreciating the use of ultraviolet lamps to help drop general populations of airborne bugs floating around. You could place a couple of fluorescent bulbs in a room, leave them on and leave the room and the radiation would help reduce the threats in the air and on surfaces. There, for a while, people were selling wands with small UV-C tubes for ‘scanning’ over surfaces. It’s said a 10-second exposure would kill most anything under a UVC at close range.

I keep hoping to find information about ultraviolet as a surface disinfectant with an idea of frequency, wattage, and distance of exposure for time on station. I’m thinking something on the market at 40 watts LED with an emission of 340 to 360 nm within a few feet could be of benefit. But this is just positing out my tail end. In use with a dilute chlorine bleach solution for the treads of the shoes should take care of the clothing. Certainly easier than having a changing area close to the laundry, stripping your clothes off as you come in from the world outside. Of course it is still important to wash the hands well, scrub the face, and if you got it to irrigate your sinuses with saline solution.

Good luck to us all!


Stockpile ammunition, when I need it I’ll take it. This is how the Liberals want me to think and act. They finally convinced me that crime pays.
So Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, et al, and news media you go ahead wipe the shelves clean of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I’ll know where to shop. Before arriving, you’re damn right, I’m sending Beto O’rourke to take YOUR guns away.

I am with you, as long as the prescriptions meds last, I will stay alive, if my anti-rejection meds run out, who knows what will happen.

God Bless