What changes have you recently made to your BOB?

With all of the conversations and precautions about the COVID-19 lately, a lot of people who have never “prepped” before are starting to stockpile supplies and create bug out bags.

This blog will give beginners a great starting point:

How have you changed your Bug Out Bag? How have you changed your home stockpile of necessities?


Over the past year I have been planning, purchasing, and packing my Bug-Out-Bag. I have added some additional items based on all that’s been going on.

…at least this is what I have captured so far…

New BOB Items

Home Changes

  • uhhh, more toilet paper
  • water
  • batteries (energizer ultimate lithium)
  • extra canned foods
  • spare bag of dog food (rotate)
  • additional OTC meds (tylenol, excedrin, cold/flu)

Oh…and a bigger bug-out-bag :smiley:



Why the bags for the medication instead of keeping it in the original containers @ScottH? I keep an unopened container of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and allergy medicine in my kit. Then when I use my house supplies up, I replenish, putting the new in the kit and taking the ones for the kit for my house supply.


I use the bags because they take up less space…although, if i get a bigger bug out bag… :thinking:


I trashed my bug out bag and built get home bags. I’ve got a 24 hr and 2 72 hr bags. I’ve realized bugging out isn’t gonna happen quickly but I’ll need to be able to get home. So since I changed my philosophy I had to change the set ups. A lot of the gear is the same but I cut out some survival stuff which made room for more tactical and fighting gear.

Almost everything is multi purpose to cover the most amount of possibilities.


I had to lighten mine (I had to admit I am not 40 anymore) :roll_eyes: I kept the same large bag but less extra clothes and some gear. I made up a fishing kit from a long pill bottle, takes up less room.
Other wise no changes at home. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:

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Not saying to buy it from Wal-Mart… but I replaced my home made hobo fishing kits with these.


Understood and agree. I think in essence they are all get home bags. Bug out bag just sounds better :grin:

If shtf where would we bug out to? Most scenarios point to getting home and hunkering down…like our current situation.

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For a BOB, don’t have or need one, we’re retired and live where we need to go, as for as home needs, no change, we’ve been foil hat people for 20 years and lead simple Christian lives.


I don’t like fish… If it comes to my eating fish for my survival I’m gonna have a hard time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do it, but ewwwww… :worried:


LOL, when there are still foods you don’t like that is a sure sign things are not too bad yet. I feel the same way about beans, I know they are high nutritional value and easy to store long term… but the thought of having to eat them every day really doesn’t appeal to me at all!

LOL. I will leave the eyes in for you Dawn. :blowfish: In some lands eyes are a delicacy. :wink:


Skip bugging out, I will shelter in place. I would have too much to pack.

I will build my Castle and only have certain people authorized to be in my castle.

If absolutely necessary, I can transfer the bulk of my Castle into my Ambulance and trailer for a mobile castle.

Hopefully none of you have those portable power packs with the solar panels on them, those solar panels are gimmicks. Essentially you will need 30 days of it pointed at the sun (with airflow to keep the battery part cool) to fully charge it. Better to build your own solar charger to charge the batter bank and it can be done easily.

Where are all these folks gonna “bug out” to? Country folks don’t want ‘em showing up. To bug out one would seem to need a place of their own to “bug out “ to- otherwise they are just leaving a known situation for an unknown… just a thought…


Hate to dig up an old thread but it is a valuable topic. I don’t believe in the bug out bag idea as much as the get home bag. I base my load out on season and where I will be operating. I tend to adjust my bag probably more frequently than others as I try to keep essential equipment ready for the task at hand.

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Warrior Poet Society had a video agreeing with your sentiment a few months ago :+1:.

I don’t have either tbh, but my wife and I both have basic first aid supplies in our cars. I recently added a charge pack to both of our vehicles that works as a jump starter for a low battery, but also doubles as a phone charger. I need to get some tourniquets, and I recently added some long lasting food bars I need to put in our vehicles.

Just enough stuff to get us home, or get us through a tough jam.


I would highly encourage to get a few tourniquet, learn how to use them and carry one daily, if you have the ability to make holes in something or someone you should be able to plug holes.:slightly_smiling_face::wink:

Recon medical makes some decent tourniquet if you are on a budget.


I’ll check those out for sure!

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Bug out Bag? I have Bug out Bags plural. My main bag is if I have to Bug Out and I can only take one bag. My wife has one too but in her medical condition I will probably be carrying that one too. Other bags include a Personal Hygiene bag, an Electrical/Communication bag, a Full Medical Supply bag and recently a Faraday duffle bag to keep portable ham radios in. If I have enough vehicle space and the hopes that the vehicle is still running I would bring back up ammunition stockpile and all of my firearms too. But hopefully, things won’t get too bad and I can just bug in with all of my Emergency Food Supply boxes and other supplies too. Also, In my car I have a Get Home Bag with just enough for me to survive on the way to my Castle (Home Base).