BOB Dump: Most Used Items

Just like our carry gun, a bug out bag (BOB) is something we hope we will never need. There are a lot of basic items in my bug out bag that gets used and replaced pretty frequently. Bandaids, sunscreen, acetaminophen, and bug bite sticks can make your bug out bag useful in just about every situation. Just remember to refill what you use as soon as possible.

What other items in your BOB do you use and/or replace frequently?


Since pandemic began:

  1. Filtered masks.
  2. Hypochlorous Acid.
  3. Flashlight.

Before pandemic (all time):

  1. First aid kit.
  2. Flashlight.
  3. Paracord.

Hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide, burn cream, folding knives.


Road map
Tooth brush
Wool blanket
Hat with a wide brim
Roll of wire, double ended multi bit screwdriver, and pliers.
Wooden matches

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Might I suggest a roll of duct tape?


Batteries, Pain meds, spam


Just so some folks know, a “Bug out Bag” is a backpack that is staged at your house in the event you are over run by “protestors” or other EOTW zombies. This bag should have the important things you’ll need to survive away from your home for at least up to a week.

It shouldn’t be confused with a GOB (Get Home Bag) which would be in your car/truck in the event you are unable to drive home.

A BOB will have lots more stuff in it, and be much heavier. You should have a BOB for each person in your home. You can supplement your BOB with BOBins, which would be like folding top bins with more stores/caches of equipment/food/etc that you can quickly load into your car/truck if you have enough time to get out of dodge in a vehicle.

I originally had my GOB in my truck/s but after thinking about it, there was tons of stuff in the GOB (used to get home, maybe from work, grocery shopping, trip to a friends house, etc) that I would NEVER use on a 1-3 day walk home, under duress.

This book is cheap and has a ton of realistic information in it. It’s a great book to send out to kids, nephews and other family members as a cheap little gift as well. It’s also an easy read. The kindle version maybe best as I find myself popping it open a bunch when I’m out and about waiting on someone or what not.


What may expire.

I do not use the BOB for daily issues. I carry extra Bandaids and other items needed daily and leave my BOB ready.

The BOB should not be for daily or weekly needs, always keep it ready and have Aspirin (or whatever pain reliever you choose), bandaids, sunscreen, chapstick, or whatever you may use on a daily basis or weekly basis in addition to what you have in your BOB.

Replace that which has expired. As you should not be using what you have in it for daily requirements.

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Great Book. Creek Stewart has a lot of info and some of his shows on TV are good. He also has a book, Bug Out Survival Skills… and Bug Out Vehicle.

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