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We can’t destroy the devil. He’s a fallen angel. We can stand up to him and resist him through the Word of God. When we do that the Bible says he we flee from us but it is a constant battle.


I have to agree with you not because it says it in the Bible but because that is what I believe.( I am not a Christian) (if that is what it means to be a Christian). As a Uscca supporter I feel/think the way to stop criminal gun violence is self defense violence. To prevent criminal gun violence we have to love one another so the thought never comes into one’s mind.
As far a Nancy Pelosi goes I think we have to celebrate the good things she has done.

The only good thing I can think of that she has done is die, but I don’t know her personally, nor did I hate her. Strongly disliked her strong hatred of those that believe in our inalienable RKBA.

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What a Christian is isn’t a subject of the thread. I agree completely that the best way to stop violence is for the people prone to doing it to know it will return to them many fold. I also agree that loving people like you love yourself will cause a person not to be violent. However that will never happen because human nature won’t allow it. As Paul says we must put off the old man and put on the new man that is in Christ.

Where did Belle Pelosi come from? As far as I’m concerned she’s a socialist and a traitor. There is nothing to celebrate about her.

Blessing brother


Blessings to all here on this fine Sunday morn.
Boy you guys get right into it don’t cha? (I LIKE THAT!)

First off WELCOME Peter John and Dale one hundred to the
"We hold nothing back Continental! "
Where Ms. Feinstein found out she could check out anytime she liked but she can never leave
HELL has no EXIT!
As for killing the Devil as The great Sage and soothsayer William said he is a Fallen Angel and as Warriors the best we can hope for is to eradicate all his little troopers here on Earth that do his bidding and we are working on that. I will let GOD have his duel w/ Samael in his own good time.
As for the (well deserved) Vitriol she (Feinstein)is receiving that In my opinion only is an honest response to HER ACTIONS while she was in human form. I just hope she has thick soled Buster Browns now because where she is is HOME and he doesn’t do anything luke warm. So Ms. Feinstein welcome home and don’t come back.
It is not unreasonable to dispise somebody like her that has done so much damage to so many who would never lift a finger to hurt anybody unless they were threatened with great bodily harm. The reasoning for her and her co-hort’s actions is Satan based (once again in my opinion only)
There is a REAL battle going on today between Good and Evil and for a long time Evil has been winning.
We face challenges today on many fronts that will take future generations a long time to sort out.
So, while that is happening we need folks like Robert 12:46 to be the anchor to keep us all from going Bat-$hit crazy on Lucifer’s minion’s. You are a good man Robert and have a good heart. Thank you for all you post and a solid believe system.
We need to stay together and focused on taking back our world from Evil. And we will prevail.
God speed Warriors


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as is expected and consider to be normal I see different thoughts on the issue shown here…

I would like to thank everyone for their participation…

I see this sort of discussion as a good thing!!!

It is IMHO the 1st Amendment doing what it is meant to!

I did NOT see name calling or personal attacks!!! Thanks again to all!



I don’t know who Belle Pelosi is. I knew Paul as Saul.:sunglasses::pray: Thanks,I am blessed same to you. Bless God

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I could be wrong but think he meant Nancy Pelosi and is referring to her attitude?


Belle Pelosi is Nancy Pelosi. Think of the old time silent movie actor that played movie monsters, Belle Lagosi.


Yepper Sir:

Bella Pelosi–Blood sucking Vampire! Sinks the fangs into the neck of INNOCENTS and drains them of their Life force Yep!= Nanshee"(1) gallon of vodka a day Pelosi!" PRICELESS WILLIAM!


This thread reminded me of the musical Fiddler On the Roof where Tevye asks the rabbi for a blessing for the Czar, and the Rabbi responds:
May God bless and keep the Czar, far away from us!