Watch "Bloomberg Says He Wants To Ban Guns Holding More Than 3 Rounds" on YouTube

His basic lack of knowledge, his use of false equivalances, and willingness to use strawman arguments to make his arguments burns.

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It literally burns. :fire:
His basic level of understanding of his arguments on on his primary topic of gun control burns.:fire::fire::fire:.

I have gone through and marked the times of this question and answer session where he makes egregious usage of false equivalency, out and out lack of understanding, or his usage of Strawman arguments.

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P.S. Sorry Dawn. Thank you for reminding me.


prrrrrrrrr, pam, pam… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I thought he would mention 3-3-3 rule, not deer hunting :smile:

This is first time I agree with somebody who says “stupid” and “f@#k” so many times :point_up_2:


I don’t know that it’s stupidity. He wants power, and he wants the American public subjugated. He wants his own kingdom.


Somebody has to advise him to spend money on buying own kingdom and then make his stupid rules for whatever lives there :rage:


I’m going to step in and remind everyone to be respectful… I don’t agree with him and I pray he doesn’t get into office, but calling him names or stupid doesn’t help our argument. And the fact he’s gotten where he is today and is worth what he is indicates he is far from stupid.

He plays the system for his own personal gain, IMO.


What was that? People with a gun in the home are 22 times more likely to shoot a family member?I

By that same nonsensical reasoning, wouldn’t the following also be true?

People who:
-own a boat are more likely to drown a family member.
-drive their own cars are more likely to cause a fatal wreck.
-ride in cars are more likely to be involved in a fatal wreck.
-live in northern climates are more likely to suffer frostbite.
-eat are more likely to become obese.
-live in Mexico are more likely to have kids who speak spanish.
-go out in public are more likely to catch a cold.

Following this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion would lead to living in a bubble in total isolation from everyone and everything in the world.

Point being, the basic premise is flawed. His equation contains a variable on one side that is missing from the other which makes comparison useless. It’s just a “let’s try to scare enough simpletons into voting for me” ploy, and not a very good one at that.


Sorry but Bloomberg and the rest of the ANTI-GUN PEOPLE/GROUPS need to understand that DEFENDING ONESELF IS A G-D GIVEN RIGHT AND HAS BEEN FOR 1000’S OF YEARS. And the METHOD of doing it is up to ourselves.


And I also feel that if Bloomberg hate guns so much that he needs to take the guns away from his paid security and arm them with SLINGSHOTS. PROBLEM SOLVED.


At least he’s not hiding his beliefs. I think his political opinions are borderline insanity. I dont like the man and hope he gets humiliated politically.


I’m actually surprised and almost impressed that the interviewer challenged him on many of those point of error as she did…no where near my man Colion (love him), but still…it seems like she was actually attempting to do a bit of journalism there.


I was actually surprised, especially since she was from ABC.

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Dawn is of course correct in her statements but I would be thrown out of the community if I said what I think about him and a lot of other candidates as well.


I tell you what’s crazy my cousin lives in West Virginia and there has been people there campaigning for him and telling people he wants to ban all semi automatic weapons.
Ok so this is what gets me 85% of people in West Virginia hunt or carry guns on there
side so how many do you think got chased off the porch with rock salt and bacon fat…LOL
I have my guns from the military if someone wants these they will only leave with me with a flag draped over me.
God bless the USA and the the people who serves it


Relax. Bloomberg is just trying to save us money on ammo. It’s expensive to hold the trigger back just once and have a 10,000 round clip of 50 caliber fire out in 2 seconds.

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So, I’d like to flip the reverse on this. The Anti-Gun people have every right to not carry or use a firearm themselves. Why do they want to infringe on MY rights and make me lay down my arms?

My thought, I feel they should HAVE to carry. I feel it should be mandated that THEY carry a firearm. They buy a firearm, why do they only have to buy 1, they should be MADE to buy a handgun, bolt rifle, modern sporting rifle and a shotgun. Each family member.

When someone says, "you don’t need a gun, or why do you have a gun, or so many, don’t defend yourself. Go on the offensive, “I think there should be a federal law mandating you to carry”.

I’m going to call this … The Common Sense Self Protection Act.


Wasn’t there a city in Georgia that required residents to own a weapon? Not sure if that is still ongoing.


Maybe we need to follow Switzerland’s lead:


there are many counties in tn that have passed a gun sacturary law saying don’t care what federal says all there citizens can car open and as many as they want to love it
New York is a santurary state for terrorist , Tenn. is a sancturary state for guns…LOL

If Tennessee was a constitutional carry state I’d agree with you. Bloomberg is so full of misinformation ( nice word for what I really call it) it’s unreal. All he wants is control.


They did just pass a open carry permit in January as long as you have taken written and range qualification you can get one about 100.00 dollars more than ccw

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And this guy wants to be President… He is a New Yorker, He’s been breathing too much car exhaust and it has affected his mind.