Warning shots


What would you advise about warning shots to those who are new to firearms? And why?

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Dont shoot warning shots unless you’re dealing with an animal in the woods. If you’re drawing a gun on a person, you should be drawing it to stop the threat. If you had time for a warning shot prosecutors will eat you alive.


No! Not ever, if I am to the point I feel I have to draw my weapon then all a warning shot does, is give the bad guy a chance to get the drop on me. I am not going to fire unless I feel I have no other choice and at that point I am fearing for my life or the life of someone I am protecting. A warning shot is for the movies not in real life.

This is my opinion and not legal advice.


Never!!! You are responsible for EVERY round that comes out of that gun. If you have time for a warning shot, was your life in imminent danger?? Besides, where did your warning shot end up??


Never not under any circumstances. The warning is when the gun is drawn


You can think about it, but don’t do it. Sorry, Sheriff Buford T Justice came out on me.


Pretty much what everyone said. If you pull your gun, it has to be because you felt an imminent threat of death or severely bodily harm. Firing a warning shot would indicate that the threat wasn’t as imminent as you made it out to be, and depending on the situation could now be turned around so that the person you fired a warning shot at states that they were the ones acting in self defense.

It’s right up there with the idea of drawing on someone who already has a gun drawn on you and thinking you’d be able to realistically say “Drop it or I’ll shoot!” and they’ll comply.


The only warning shot I’d give would be the “that stare.” If you’re wondering what stare this is, tell your wife dinner is overcooked or walk on her clean floor. Yea, that one. :angry: haha
Seriously though, don’t do it. For reasons already mentioned above.


No warning shots. Once you have fired a gun, it is a demonstration of lethal force. Also, as already stated, we are responsible for every round that leave our gun.


If someone was breaking into my apartment, the first warning (shot) will be my voice telling them to retreat or be shot. The second warning shot will be my handgun firing dead center (hopefully) to quell the idiot who didn’t listen to my vocal warning shot.

As far as other warning shots, they are illegal in most, if not all states, and as said above, where did your warning shot end up? Did you kill an innocent person? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!


LOL! I’m an expert at that stare! When I was in serious training in Tae Kwon Do, I could totally intimidate higher ranking belts and instructors with the stare… I have also been known for RBF :woman_shrugging: :smiley:


Never fire Warning shot’s. You don’t know where that round is going to end up. Remember, you are responsible for every round coming out of your weapon and will have to account for every round.


I have a face that could be described that way as well. Idk, I just dont sit around smiling. Lolol.

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The only warning shot they will get is the one aimed at their head while I’m pulling the trigger. I always practice headshots since you never know if someone is wearing body armor since it’s easy to get and fit inside what looks like a plain old jacket, but is designed for armor.

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IMO firing a warning shot opens you up to charge a reckless discharge of a firearm. And once that round leaves the gun you don’t know where it’s gonna land either. Warning shots look good in the movies or as someone pointed scaring off wild animals on a hike…but has no real use in an urban environment.


Warning shots, never.

Simply drawing the gun is the first and last warning. Any shot from that warning is a shot to stop the immediate threat.


Nope. No warning shots. Still accountable for the bullet until it comes to rest. Absolutely irresponsible to do that period.

Not legal advice- just common sense.