Wannabe carjacker gets ‘punk butt’ beaten by 66-year-old truck owner: ‘Mess around and find out!’

A “Mr. Tough Guy” Florida thief got “his butt whipped” by a 66-year-old man whose truck he tried to break into, authorities said.

The truck owner called 911 early Thursday morning after he heard 29-year-old Blake Robinson attempting to break into his truck outside his Brevard County home, authorities said.

The older man went outside to confront Robinson, who punched him in the head before throwing him to the ground and kicking him in the head, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said on social media.

But the victim quickly sprang to action, hitting Robinson and forcing him to the ground — where cops ultimately found him.

“Deputies arrived on scene and were able to quickly detain Robinson, who was seemingly having a tough time getting up off of the ground, after getting his butt whipped by a 66-year-old man!!” Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote on Facebook.
Robinson was taken to the hospital for treatment before being released to the police. The victim only required brief medical treatment and was not seriously injured.

Robinson was charged with felony battery of a person over the age of 65 and attempted burglary of a conveyance. He was booked at the Brevard County Jail on a $30,000 bond.

“As for Robinson, he was fortunate enough to be in Brevard County where he won a few prizes for being stupid including a chauffeured ride to a local medical facility to check his injuries before arriving at his less than luxurious accommodations at ‘Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge!!'” Ivey wrote in the post.

“At the lodge he was given a freshly washed 2 piece ensemble to get comfortable in, before being shown to his sleeping area in our open floor plan.”

Robinson “got an enhanced charge for hitting someone over the age of 65 who ended up whooping his punk butt!!” the sheriff added.

“We hope you enjoy your stay at our lodge and as we like to say here in Brevard County, ‘Mess Around and Find Out!!'”


Just a terrific story! I love the outcome and how the sheriff ridiculed the punk! Just perfect.



I wouldn’t want to fight me, only because I know what my old dad bod can do…

That said, I know there are plenty of people out there who can lay my ass low in a heartbeat!

In a fight of 29yo street punk vs 66yo (guessing ex military?) my $$$ is on the 66yo all day!!!

Age and wisdom,… ohh and lots of time to practice opening that can of whoop ass!:+1::sunglasses::grin:


The 66yo was just extolling some wisdom on the yoot.




As a young’un who grew up in the '50s and 60s, I didn’t grow up wrapped in bubble wrap. I remember that I once rolled down a flight of stairs, made a 90 degree turn and rolled down a second flight before I came to a rest. Mom saw me, took inventory on me to determine that there was no blood or broken bones and promptly told me to go play. The same system was utilized when I fell out of trees which, if I had been warned to NOT climb the tree in question, was followed by a spanking.

Old people didn’t get old by being wussies. Assault at own risk.


Just because our first number starts with a 6 doesn’t mean weak and feeble, I can still do most of the things I did 30yrs. ago just not for as long. All that means is I know it which means in a fight I’m more dangerous because I have to end it quicker.


Love to see “old guys rule” come back to roost on punks like this. Good job! I especially love stories like this since I’m in my mid 70’s. Gives all us Seniors hope that our team is still alive and well.


??? please enlighten me!

Old age and treachery in most cases defeats youth and skill.


Have you heard the term old man strength? Old brains and muscles retain much of their capabilities when called upon.


Messed up
Rolling on floor laughing and I can’t get up
I’m an old fart


Thank you Sir! The old world moves along at a purdy fast pace nowadays. Hard to keep up at times!


If you don’t think you can win a fight by fighting with, Plan A, Marquis Of Queensbury rules, plan B calls for going directly to fighting “dirty”. My recommendation: go directly to Plan B. Plan A never works.


I was taught to survive which means doing what ever it takes to be able to go home. Which means it’s not dirty fighting.


Beware the old man in a world where men die young.


That was the old mans first mistake, he pays tax’s for a reason and it is to have a Deputy come out and take out the trash.

If one insists on meeting the perp at least have some form of a weapon, baseball bat, a few foot of rebar anything that can open the perp’s mind.

The object utilized doesn’t necessarily have to open his mind. It should be sufficient to scatter his type though. THEN you can call the authorities to deposit the trash in a proper receptacle like a jail cell, for his own safety, of course.

This OLD guy always has a relatively NEW launcher nearby capable of precisely launching 9mm projectiles at high rates of speed.

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As an addendum to my original post and lest anyone gets the wrong idea of my parents utilization of corporal punishment (spanking), it was not dispensed Willy-nilly. Both my brother and I were sat down and instructed that if A happened, B (spanking) would result and it was well delineated what A consisted of. To both my brother and I, it was never a question of whether it would deter us from committing A’s. It was a question of IF WE GOT CAUGHT IN THE ACT, we already knew the price we would be paying. (Eating supper standing up at the supper table being one possible result of a detected transgression).

At the age of 93, my mother confessed that she thought there were times when she felt she was a little quick on the spanking trigger. It was then that I informed her that, " Mom, you didn’t catch me every time. I figure you still owe me about 600 spankings." She felt somewhat better but was alarmed to learn that I had become so adept at not getting caught.

Seems to me that an occasional spanking (NO WEAPONS), Hand TO BUTT only) would not have injured any of today’s youngsters except in their pride. The virtue of PRIDE, not the bastardization of the word as it is used today.)