[video] Good Samaritan shoots dog to save small child from attack in Philly

There are several threads here around defense against a dog. Here is a video and story about one encounter.

Some items to think about…

  • people had been physically attacking the dog (punches, shooting with paintballs, referenced but not shown on video) before the armed citizen intervened and those blows had no effect. It is possible pepper spray would have had no effect
  • the armed citizen told everyone to get clear before he fired
  • look how close the dog (target) is to the child, the dog is shaking the child (erratic hard to predict movements)… you need a high standard of marksmenship to hit the dog and not the child. Kudos to the armed citizen for making the shot
  • a bystander was hit by shrapnel

Another example how crucial is proper training and staying composed in stressful situation.
Quick, good decision which saved the life. :+1:


So what we’re saying is a good guy with a gun saves a life? Curious!
How many years does he get for shooting the dog?
I know there’s a D.A. out there just chomping at the bit!

Here’s one for everyone, i was out in the desert to do some shooting in some small box canyons and when we where unloading our gear a woman saw us and said there was too many guns in this country and shouldn’t be aloud will we let it go in one ear and go out the other a true antigun person. Well we went to our area and she went to a dry creek bed that still had some mud hopes with water in them, now thst were critters in the desert get water. About after 7 session of shooting i heard a scream so we when to investigate and there she was cornered by three coyotes ready to attack from three ways she had no way out. So we had our rifles and took the three coyotes out. She was so grateful for saving her, she asked what she could have done to protect her self and i explained to her about learning to shoot and wear a gun when she goes out because you never know what may be out there and it’s better to have and not need then to need and not have. Now she is no longer a antigun person but a pro-gun person and when she goes out to the desert or anywhere else she packs a Ruger sp101 5 shot in 38 special, you see some people who see the threat right in front of them czn see the light. This was something I did a long time ago. Stay Alert Don’t Get Hurt. :us_outlying_islands::sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face::dart::sun_with_face::+1::cactus::desert::us::statue_of_liberty::+1:

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