Value of Free Self-Defense Classes?

So many places offer free self-defense classes. What do you look for when considering taking a free class?

Would you take a free self-defense class?


I haven’t run across any yet, but I would be willing to do that if it sounded at all legitimate. I feel like I know enough of what I’m willing and able to do that I could weed out any nonsense. I’ve found that there are a lot of classes in all kinds of subjects that I’ve taken where I can glean a few nuggets of good information to make it all worth it.

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When I was teaching belly dancing in Palm Springs, CA we taught out of a community center in a not altogether nice neighborhood. running at the same time as my class was an Ishinrryu Karate class, taught by a 7-time world champion full contact Ishinrryu Master… :astonished:
He stopped by our class one night and said he didn’t like seeing us leave late unprotected and offered to teach my other teacher and I a half-hour private lesson in self defense 3 times a week while his top black belt (also a world champion) warmed up his first class. :star_struck: You can bet we said YES!

so… YES. I would take one. What would I look for? One that didn’t waste my time. Sensei Sandubrae definitely did NOT waste our time :muscle: :women_wrestling: We sure made every effort not to waste his. One night he had a family come in early to talk about putting their kids in training. Without any advance notice he says to me… “stand there”. To his world champion full contact 6’2" 250 lb black belt… “Full speed full strength attack - drag her into the other room”. To me… “defend yourself.” :scream: Apparently what we’d been learning worked - I put him on the ground and escaped 5 tries out of 5. He did the same with my other teacher next and she’s 5’2" and maybe 110 pounds fully dressed. SHE put him on the ground 5 tries out of 5. So consider me a HUGE FAN of Ishinrryu, Sensei Sandubrae, and free training.


I have yet to see any free self defense classes but I’m planning on enrolling into Krav Maga soon. I found a studio within as reasonable a distance as you can get (40 minutes from my house approximately) and we got our first class, which was free, yesterday (Saturday). I was very impressed with the little I learned in that hour class. It was so little yet so much. I look forward to when I can afford to enroll myself and my two younger brothers (17 and 18) in it as well (which is looking to be soon :smiley:).