Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’


That’s why I carry the firearm.
I’m safe…

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I don’t understand. Politicians say it is completely safe.


Recovering from the 'rona now. I think I will go with natural immunity.


Good move. Natural immunity is almost 7x more effective than vaccination, and will, arguably, last 2-3 years.

LOL! Right on! That’s what they told the Indians, too. “You don’t need those guns anymore”, they said. “Trust us”, they said. Ask our Native American brothers how that worked out for them? LOL! :rofl:


I see… my recommendation is that before you jump to any conclusions about the veracity of this information, you consider the sources. The truth is in the middle. Like the bullseye. Which makes me wonder if there was not a very specific reason the biblical term “sin” was a well-known term sourced from archery in the times it was used. “Things that make you go hmmmm”

Detailed Report

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with the info released and the many pages of side effects…

hmmm… glade I DID NOT take any of it!

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Wife and I, no vax, no covid, no issues. My wife read about the spike protein,and found that long needle pine tea eliminates it…and it tastes pretty good as well.
Kind of weird how my antiexperimentalnoliabililityvaxxer friends and I didn’t get vaxxed, and none of us got covid…or even sick, since the madness began.

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