Use of a Range bag in Massachusetts

yet again I’m confused on the gun laws in Massachusetts from what I understand I can’t transport a firearm and ammo in the same lock box so does that mean I can’t use a range bag? Lol how else do I get guns and ammo to the range?

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This is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer but my first reaction is transportation to me would mean a vehicle not walking from the parking lot to the building.

Check with your local range and/or law enforcement to get clarification on this.



I’m in the same MA boat as you. Rules on ammo transport to the range are not clear. To keep firearm and ammo separate, I think carrying the firearm on my person and having the ammo in a separate container (which I believe has to be locked and fire proof) would comply with the law, but am not 100% certain nor a lawyer myself.

They writes laws that that for a reason. its so unclear that anyone can be called a criminal because even the well intentioned can be tripped up. Like dealing with any government group. You ask five people and you get 6 different answers because even they arent sure what it means.

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I don’t know if this’ll fly in MA, but I keep my handgun in an MTM 806 that’s padlocked, and inside a range bag along with boxes of ammo, ears, etc and keep the whole enchilada locked in the trunk and out of sight.
Firearm is securely locked and separate from the ammo yet both contained within the range bag locked in the trunk.

There were laws like that in Denver for a while. If you read what laws you could get your hands on they had created a situation where, yes - you could own a gun. Yes- you could shoot it at a range, But -NO, you could not actually accomplish a trip to the range with your gun and be legal. If you read the laws about guns in vehicles, it was literally not possible to transport your gun to, or from a range or gun store. You would have had to ship it Fed-x or something because the law , If read plain language, seemed to give you no legal way to have a gun, or even the dis-assembled parts for one, in your car, no matter how you took it apart, separated things, or locked them up. Those laws were eventually struck down.

Thank you all for your input I believe my best bet is to have everything in the Range bag minus the guns (I’ll have them in a lock box ) then put them in the bag in the parking lot at the Range when I arrive then just carry the bag into the Range

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