USCCA App Improvements

Noticed the USCCA app does not allow users to access the “Community” section. Can this feature please be implemented?

Also please enable a ‘dark mode’ feature for the app. Thank you for considering these requests. Cheers!


Great minds think alike! We’ve got two ongoing discussions that may help, @momo! One is about the app (I’ve been poking people here about the app since the Community started. We’ll get there :smiley: ). That one also includes how to work around it not being in our app or a stand-alone app right now.

The other gives an insight on the Dark Mode for the Community. I’ll definitely add it to the list for the USCCA app!


I will chime in regarding something the app does that I wish I could stop - when I launch the app on my phone, all other audio coming through my phone stops. I rarely play videos from the app (and I am sure that is where the audio handler is getting its in-app instructions). This kind of “feature” without a setting to adjust it is problematic.

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How about adding dashboard to the app with the ability to Chromecast videos to TV

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I can’t put the app on my phone because my phone is so cruddy!

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