USA Boxing Down the Woke Rabbit Hole

We have to have these to corner at USA Boxing Sanctioned events, they come with a few hours of “Safe Sport” training and other stuff.

On the inside of the back cover you’ll find this:

My book needs to be renewed ($80.00 I Think), I’m not sure now what to do.
I love working with the fighters and honestly the USA Boxing folks around here are the best, BUT now that the USA Boxing organization has chosen to go down the Woke Rabbit hole I’m not so sure they have the safety of the fighters in mind.


So either some guy pretending to be a woman is going to pull his punches or beat a woman to death.


I think they need to have their own Boxing association and can only fight transgender athletes. Its not fair to the women and men that have to meet certain criteria all their life and now they let these athletes come in and have changed their body by medicine and surgery to compete with them. If they want to be a boxer than make a Transgender association and compete. Its Only fair


The same should apply to all sports


These people revealed themselves, and it is not a company to keep.


What boxer in his right mind, would actually challenge a female boxer. We have hit a new low! I’m not even going to ask.