Update On McCloskey Case; 9 Mob Members Cited With Trespass


This is a step in the right direction. These people committing these criminal acts have to be exposed. Hopefully this will make things easier on the McCloskeys.


Shows how dangerous Soros financed political Distict Attornies can be. The original couple should never have been charged.


I hope so, too, brother. However, the McCloskeys are scapegoats for an insane prosecutor looking to “make her bones” in the cabal of the politically corrupt. Hopefully Missouri, which adheres to The Castle Doctrine, will see through the malicious intent of the prosecutor, and the charges will be dismissed.
As for the mob, they did pose a threat to lives, and properties (emphasis on lives), and everyone involved, having used intimidation, with (alleged) threats of violence against the McCloskeys must be held accountable for their actions.


I totally agree, sir.

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Quoting the Oct 9 article below…

“What evidence did prosecutors provide to the grand jury that indicated the McCloskeys altered the pistol held by Patricia McCloskey after she displayed the pistol as hundreds of protesters were marching through their private neighborhood? We have no idea, and with even outside legal observers noting that the suppression of the grand jury indictments was likely made for political purposes, I think it’s reasonable to be suspicious of the prosecutor’s claims.”