Up close and personal defense

If it happens, I’m punching, kicking and stomping anywhere I can. Getting away if I can. I forgot to mention just whatever it takes. Usually, the only people I allow to get that close is family.

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Alicia1 Thanks for that. Boy, you were doing better than I imagined from the first post! So if I hear you correctly the perpetrator was taken into custody, because of his history and the video evidence won’t be getting bail anytime soon, and is likely on the way to lock up for a time out?

You got it right on your read of this guy. The smirk and condescending mocking that followed all point to a predator who figures, after this is over he’ll still be here. The thing of it, as you may realize, is he may consider it a challenge going forward, that is “you won this round…”

Your follow up doing the classes, practicing, and learning to be-here-now situational awareness will all help. And get your husband involved too when you both have a chance! What’s good for the Goose?

Nicely done with the phone camera!
so, not to be a total rah-rah; don’t get cocky! :wink: stay grounded!


@Alicia1 Living with that sucks… so sorry that’s true. Did he get arrested?

You might consider a restraining order. It won’t stop him if he decides to act, but it gives you powerful legal leverage and it puts his behavior on record with the court in an additional way. It means he’s getting arrested when he gets too close and you don’t have to justify your 911 call.

I hope you’re saving the video somewhere permanent, phones aren’t that reliable and I’d want that recording in case you need it later. I’d start keeping a contact diary if you haven’t already… in court, documentation wins.

Do you guys have good outdoor security camera coverage?


^^^^^^ This for a win!!! It won’t protect you but it does provide evidence. Camera’s are cheap and easily installed either via wires or wi-fi. You can choose to have a monitoring system or not. I would not rely on a phone for my video coverage as they can be dropped or pointed in the wrong direction too easily especially given your situation where he lives in close proximity to you.

As @CHRIS4 mentions this event may only be round 1 of the coming battle especially given his “condescending smirk” when faced with a weapon. It tells me that he knows the rules of the game and he doesn’t care.

Hold hard, stay safe and be aware.





There have to be 2 major incidents where I live to file a PFS = Protection order of Stalking.

I have my video on back up on my google Pixel account.

Officer told that that basically if he sneezes sideways they want me to call them and have it documented.

I leave the house and I have my phone on video record same as when I leave my vehicle.

We are in process of getting an outdoor security camera that also records sounds.

We are also in process of house hunting.



No he was not arrested and it is still in the hands of Investigators to see what if any charges will be filed on either of us.

Long Story…I have to get myself in a better frame of mind. The support you all in the USCCA community and my friends have all helped me get my head in a better place.

From here on out it is one day at a time.
My Phone is on record when I leave the house and when I return or if I am outside with my dogs.


Have you thought about a go-pro/body cam type recorder? That way your phone is free to call the police, @Alicia1?



“IF” I could like that a million times, I would!!!


Great advise, Firstly I want to say that I’ll be paying the rest off from my last check becasue I had to give my business up because my other lawyer friend Mark R. could not oversee me in legal documents. Therefore in January, he gives me 3500 and my USCCA membership for the year will be paid off as well as, @dawn I’m going to get the Sig and its like 750.00 at Red River Range,

Lastly, I’ll be getting a Go-pro/dash cam some tactical gear another AR-15. I mean I like my Rugger 55.6, but what do you have @Dawn? I had the Colt they removed from the shelves unless I can go put one on layaway at the Pawnshop, but it’s brand new…Even though that was a good rifle… give me any suggestions.


Randall W. Anderson

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My Mom always offered, if you were going to buy shoes anyway, why not get them with steel toes? She had real reason too… oh long before she had to worry about her son with developmental disabilities stepping on her toes… She let a few forward men know they might be infringing on her personal space over the years. I figured she knew what she was talking about.

I’m almost certain she’d have at least tried those thingies just to see if she could make em work without upsetting her sense of foot fashion.

/edit: I think I might find some way to place a leather pad over the top of my foot underneath such a thing. Cushion the impact and spread the force over a larger area.


Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark!


Interesting concept, but I’d think with the narrow base would do a bunch of damage to the top of your foot - even possibly breaking a bone or two. I’ve broken bones in my feet, it can definitely limit your mobility. :confused:


Here is another presentation of retention gun fighting worth becoming acquainted with.

The drill Ken Hackathorn presents “Retention Shooting Drill Master Class Ep 13” here at the Wilson Combat Training youTube channel is straight forward and will help you gain confidence through practice should you need to fight your handgun up close.