Unusual Labor Day

Labor Day honors the working people in our great nation. This year has been unusual for everyone with work lives affected tremendously.

How have you used this unusual work year to your advantage when it comes to self-defense?

  • Practiced more dry-fire training
  • Read more self-defense related material
  • Watched more training videos
  • Spent additional time on a range
  • Sharpened your situational awareness skills
  • Other

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How did you enjoy this Labor Day?


I’m sitting here in a hotel down the street from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Tactical Training Center getting ready for tomorrow’s 3 day training course on License To Carry.

Always keep learning, get formal training, I’ll never stop.
Every time I go to a training course I learn more, even when I don’t think I can learn any more.


Have been doing NOTHING… That what the Labor Day is for? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m with @Jerzy, have done nothing but eat pizza.


Went shooting with my son. Love our time shooting as much as possible.


I worked!


Shot my AR & zeroed in my new Ruger 6.5.

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An extreme amount of studying. Scenario after scenario. Study counter insurgencies, crime prevention through environmental design, The Crucial Advantage, keeping an eye on the enemies news as well as the truth.
Avoid all areas that might become infected with “peaceful” protesters.
As far as the situational awareness goes, daily practice, even when fetching the mail. I guess the only way to tell if my situational awareness works is if I got home. As for dry firing, I try to clear my house once a day and once at night.

Unusual doesn’t begin to describe this Labor Day! I didn’t see or smell one BBQ, that was odd. Now looking forward to the strangest holiday season to come. When families are to be joined together for festive meals and masks are not going to work for me, and I’m in the high risk group.


We had our fall RSO cookout this past weekend and so got to show off my bbq gun…wish I could have showed off my new bbq holster for it (Savoy is taking a loooooong time).

Primarily have been reading more and watching more training videos…I’ve been trying to ration my ammo so range time has been reduced…


Was a very busy weekend for me. Took boys to get a haircut, washed and waxed 2 cars, watched a couple of training videos, trip to the range, BBQ with a couple of neighbors, and reloaded 500 rounds of 9mm.


Got the lady introduced to clearing our apartment. She prefers practicing with nerf guns :joy:


“How did you enjoy this Labor Day” – Range time. :slightly_smiling_face:
I even got to show some very polite young men, ( who were blasting away with the latest in AR-762’s and extended mag 9.mm’s ), what a good 6’ .357 could do.

They seemed quite happy to be blasting away without hitting much of anything, and I had to chuckle at the guy taking videos of his buddy with both of their cell phones at the same time, as if what was really important was getting a selfie of some rapid fire shooting, ( targets apparently going quite unmolested in the process ). So I dropped off some 3" round wood hole saw cutouts at 50 and 75 yards and set out a box of 50 rounds for my self to pull from , hopeful I would not need too many of them to make my point . But I’d forgotten how accurate a good 6" revolver really was. 3 rounds later both targets were splinters and I had a renewed appreciation for that .357.

So, I got lucky in making my point, but was a little concerned that I’d felt I needed to make the point in the first place. The impression I got Labor Day, was that marksmanship is not even a thought today on the minds of many young shooters, that the Hollywood spray and pray version of engagement is just sort of accepted as how it works. After some other relatively easy targets with a rifle, I heard one of them comment that " That’s literally like one for one! " , as if it were not to be expected that you could regularly hit what you shot at.

So I enjoyed Labor Day by getting a chance to be the old guy, who got to show some young guys, what “old style” shooting was all about. ( or so I like to imagine )


I have to say that I actually didn’t do anything gun-related on Labor Day, unless you count watching a Commentator of Red Alert 3, where a pair of Allied players demolished two other teams with their Aircraft Carriers.

What I spent most of my day doing though, was knocking my head against Unreal Engine. I can get a level set up fairly well, but I can’t get it to take ANY of the logic I’m trying to build into it.

Went to our cabin and enjoyed some family time. Only thing remotely close to actual manual labor was cooking dinner, the occasional turning of logs on the fire, and prying open an ice-cold barley pop or two.


Work… gotta catch up after the hurricane :slightly_smiling_face:


We had high winds on Monday, tried to work on our day job, labor on labor day? Lost power, set up generators for the mrs greenhouse, lots of tomatoes still growing, covered the outdoor garden. The BLT’s were delicious in the dark. I scored a used yammy dirt bike for the mrs, and worked on it Sunday. (the prices on used bikes and atvs is out of control!)

Last night the mrs bugged me to shoot on our range, wow what a fantastic time. Shot all our pistols, and the mrs hasn’t shot in a month or so, and did extremely well. The old grey haired bugger shot from 20 ft to 70 ft, with accuracy and double taps. I think the 3 of us shot maybe 500 rounds. Was a great evening to toast to the weekend!

Tonight have to clean several firearms!


I didn’t.

Dang, that sounds so relaxing and therapeutic!
How was the weather, then and now?

We are getting monster rain! Just a fraction under 4" today.