Underwood bonded jacket hollow point?

Is bonded jacket hollow point not as good as not bonded or something? Wondering why that type of Underwood ammo isn’t sold out but the non-(or not) bonded is sold out on their website.

What’s the difference?

Looking to the 9mm that’s available on there site, it’s either the specialty bullets(Extreme Defenders), and the +p+ stuff. Bonded bullets help prevent jacket separation. If your gun can handle +p+, I can guarantee the Underwood won’t disappoint.


I recently bought a new HK USP, from what I read they can handle +p+.

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The bonded bullet means the lead core and brass jacket are bonded together. This means that the bullet doesnt break apart and, more importantly, will maintain its mass in one piece. That’s important for the bullet to function properly. That bonded bullet is also known as a speer gold dot. I’m 97.58% sure both companies us the same bullet. Underwood is fantastic stuff, I highly recommend it.

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Generally you will want a bonded hollow point. They may just have less of the bonded on hand because its less popular and sold out quicker. I’m not sure if there may be a reason someone would prefer non-bonded hollow point? I cant think of one.

The other bullets Underwood carries like the Extreme Defender are monolithic (one piece) and aren’t bonded because its just one piece there isn’t anything that needs bonding.

Underwood makes good quality stuff and they have a few 9mm +P+ light projectiles that are pretty interesting if your gun can handle the pressure and you have a use-case for it.

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