TSA reports increase of guns at security checkpoints

Remember, you can travel with your firearm, but you cannot carry it onto the plane in your carry on baggage:

For more details on traveling with firearms check out this handy-dandy resource: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources

What weapons have you seen people try to get through TSA?


I have seen someone have to throw out an empty magazine at TSA on the way home from a trip. It had made it through all of the prior checkpoints without an issue. (It was empty the entire trip, the person didn’t even have a firearm in his checked baggage.)

Personally, in line before TSA, I found a pocket knife that I had been looking for for ages in my carry-on. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to return to the car so I surrendered the knife at TSA. :frowning:


I’m thinking that the 2nd Amendment says we have the God given right to keep and bear arms…this includes knives…the TSA or the PTA or any other multi letter organization should not have the authority to tell me I can’t.


We also have to remember that they have the right to restrict what we bring onto their property. Not everyone has good intentions when carrying a weapon.


I understand what you are saying…but…if someone is going to take away my God give rights than said person should be responsible for my safety and any expenses (medical, lost wages etc ) related to any problem that it causes.


This is just one of many reasons I do not fly anywhere, ever! :us:


I almost once tried to leave the house with some pepper spray when I was on the way to the airport.


Until I retired I was required to fly once a year to a training seminar. (except for Chinese Flu year). I did go through the hassle of legally declaring my EDC and BU one year. My last act before entering the terminal was to turn my pockets inside out. I had field stripped my luggage to remove anything remotely questionable. Now I don’t fly!!! :innocent: :innocent:


Perhaps you missed this. The folks in office now are more than willing to take all of your rights & take care of you as a pet. Not a problem. Also I would hope you remember 9/11 & how that worked out…