Traveling with an Firearm

This is just an reply to all replies. I want to say first is thank you so much to you all. Seeing all the replies, suggestions, and State/FAA policy is a huge help to my problems. I purchased 2x 10 round mag for my FN509 since I’ll be staying at an Airbnb that’s next to a mountain with a lot of hiking trails. Another reason why I chose to purchase the 10 round mag since I’ll be traveling a lot more since I’m a photo/videographer beginner and I want protection for myself since I’m carrying 5K worth of gear. I’ll will also call Delta Airline Customer service & TSA Customer service to double check and make sure there’s no surprise policy to hurt an Law-abiding Citizen who just want to make it home alive.


For anyone who’s had issues with the TSA…
The Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rife Confiscated By TSA Was All Legal (