Training with my bullpup

Yesterday I went to Fox Den Solutions. One of the best-kept secrets for firearms training places in New England. I have been to three different firearm training places. Fox Den is the best, hands down. Yesterday’s class was for rifle training. Most students have AR 15, and I was the only one with a bullpup. I learned a lot in the 6-hour class!! Malfunction drills, lateral movement, reload drills, zeroing, and a lot more. Steve, our instructor, has a breadth of knowledge in firearm training because of his Background - Military, Government, and private sector.

What I learned is a rifle is good to know how to use but, in my opinion, not practical in my world for self-defense.
I will never use my rifle in my home to defend my family, and I don’t have my rifle in my truck. I will spend my time honing my pistols skills for every action I perform with my pistols is on a self-conscious level. I will be training with Fox Den three times this year for handgun class. The rifle I will shoot and practice the skills I learned at fox den once in a while. Few pictures - it was 10 degrees yesterday for the training.


Ummm, O.K. Till you need it. :thinking:


Lol- I understand that!! 100% that is why I will still train with my bullpup but not every day! I agree!!