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Would you like to train more and save money? Have you tried airsoft? If you are thinking that CO2-powered air guns are “just toys,” think again.

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Have you ever trained with an airsoft gun? What did you like and not like about it?

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Yes I do. And what I like is that I can practice in my back yard. The one thing that I don’t like is the air soft gun I have has a very long trigger pull. And it sometimes throws my shots off.

I have never used air soft. I do use laser ammo and their electronic targets. It has been a big help in my training. I do carry and train with a sig 320 so I may look into this. Will that m17 fit in a regular 320 holster?

Yes , I’ve used airsoft for several years now . Ever since I read how the Japan shooting team trained for 10 - 11 months out of the year with them over there and then came here for a month or two to train with “live” guns and are top competitors every year . I use a Colt 1911A1 100th anniversary full metal blowback with the CO2 and pellets in detachable magazines . Except for recoil and noise , it is like the real thing . I do wish I could put Tritium sights and CT laser grips on it , but the dovetails / slide and the frame bulge under the grips to allow the CO2 tank will not allow them .