Top Concealed Carry Mistakes


What do you consider the top concealed carry mistakes people make? :thinking:


One off the top of my head is carrying at church, if your church has a s hol attached to it. People dont think about a church being considered part of a school and therefore, could be a gun free zone, depending how your laws are written. In Indiana my Rep just got his bill signed by the Governor that not only allows CC at church (regardless of a school attached) but also prevents civil backlash (lawsuits) in a "Justified Defensive Shooting).


@ChrisH that’s pretty sweet!


I once left my house with all my carry gear, EXCEPT, my Glock. Somehow I forgot the step of holstering my weapon.


Carrying a super small gun. Although they are easy to carry, they are hard to shoot. Carry a gun that you
1.Will always carry
2.Will train with
3.Is an “acceptable caliber.” By acceptable, I mean it goes bang. A .22 in the hand beats a .44 in the gun safe.


The biggest mistake I see is that people think others are paying any attention to them. When I first started carrying 20+ years ago I was so worried about printing. How stupid I was.


I can always spot someone who’s new to carrying - they fidget with their guns.


The weather in Florida is getting warmer every day. In Conceal and Carry of a firearm you have to make change in your clothes for that day. Enjoy checking the local weather a lot. I made a list of
firearms that I have collected, beware that you may have to pull your pants up. I carry Sig Sauer P320s 9mm and .40, there are a dream. I also like Glocks and 1911s and that is time to think harder.
Pancake Holsters are a excellent choice and they hold tightly to the body.

People are not watching much, they are involved in their cell phones and day dreaming. Do not
go around following their lead here and get caught by the drug addicts or street people. They like to watch for mistake and weakness. Do not paint yourself as a target.


William Smith

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Amen Adam! I’ve CC’d for a couple years now. It took me 6 months to get over my fear of printing.


Great work! In Florida, it has GRAY AREAS in the laws and you probably be asked to leave
the property or just leave the firearm off church grounds. Things are changing here even for
schools and training teachers to conceal/carry in class, but when it come to Churches + schools
it can be difficult. My pastor is aware of my carry of firearm, plus training with updates, but be
highly respective to the staff and everyone. ASK FIRST !!! The Laws are not enforced by or to
responsible Conceal and Carry people. Management can ask you to get off campus.

Stay safe please,

William Smith


Practice drawing and firing!


I’m going to ignore laws & regs because that varies by your home state. The top CC mistake involves cutting corners/costs on their carry rig. They buy a cheap holster and an inexpensive belt that isn’t designed to handle the weight and stress of carrying a sidearm. Then they wonder why it’s so uncomfortable to EDC.
Shop carefully for a good quality holster, determine if you prefer OWB or IWB carry. I carry IWB and have been carrying for 29 yrs. Then invest in a good quality gun belt. They are designed and structured to handle your handgun weight. I’ll not endorse any brands by name, there are quite a few great companies producing holsters and several good belt makers. Be prepared to open your wallet. A good gun belt you’ll only have to buy once every few years, depending on your expansion🙂.
I carry a stainless 1911 in a Galco Kingtuk because it meets my needs. My point being that I carry a 34 oz. 1911 + 9 rounds of 230gr ammo (8+1) and don’t notice it because the rig (holster + gun belt) doesn’t sag. Because it sits still without flopping, it doesn’t print and remains comfortable. My experience and my preferences, find your own, but invest in the holster and belt.


@Walter I think that getting the rig right, especially when new, can be a complicated challenge. I really had no idea where to start, other than I knew my hubby’s solution didn’t work for me. Turns out that one of my favorite solutions - carry leggings - doesn’t work for him either :rofl:
Glad you’re here! Welcome!

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I think many people tend to rush into it when in reality you need to spend plenty of time researching and finding out what works good for you hopefully you have friends who own guns and holsters that will let you try things out under their supervision many gun stores lets you try different models on their ranges and if you rush out and buy something and you don’t like how it feels or it’s too heavy in the holster or any other problem you can imagine you won’t Carry! It’s a new lifestyle with new lifestyle habits and things that have to be changed to suit those changes

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Your family needs you! Here in the Beautiful State of Florida, there is
many FDOC all over and never be unsafe here. We need you! But,
not in prison.

William smith

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Welcome to the Community @Walter!

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