Too Close for Comfort

We live in a high rise condo in the middle of Salt Lake City. The doors are locked and we have security guards posted at each entrance plus you have to have a scan card to get in. So, this morning I read in the local news that a guy got angry at someone, jumped out of the car and fires 7 times at the car as it drives off. This happened about 100 feet from the door of our building. Come to find out, the guy had friends in our building, after shooting at the car he runs into our building to hide. The police show up and through video surveillance they track the guy to a unit and arrest him. We like to think we are safe and secure in here but the events of Tuesday go to show, it can happen anywhere at any time. I gave my Kimber EVO a pat on the head after finding out about this one.


So, all in all, you were still safe. Good to hear! No one is immune from violence.


Learned a long time ago, “I live in a safe neighborhood” is a myth.


@Mike164 Security guards must have been on top floor and shooter had his own card??? Something wasn`t working.


The guy had his friends access card. The guard actually saw the guy when he came in but didn’t know what he had just done.


“I live in a safe neighborhood” my boss used to say that…until he had to wait 30 minutes for the police to show up for burglar in his house in the middle of the night.


My mom recently had foot surgery and can’t drive for a bit, so I took her grocery shopping last weekend. She was waiting for me to get in front of the cart in the checkout line and had the cart too close to the counter. I reminded her that I’m “carrying a little extra weight” - with the look like, come on mom, you know I’m carrying and can’t fit through there.

In true mom fashion, she glares at me and whispers angrily, “This isn’t a bad neighborhood!”
In true daughter fashion, I rolled my eyes and reminded her that bad things can happen anywhere.

I haven’t been asked to take her grocery shopping this week… sigh

@Mike164, I’ll be sharing your experience with her this weekend. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Thanks for sharing.

We can all learn from each other and hopefully help keep us all a little safer.


A good child would have done her shopping for her… Lol


Sorry about bumping an old thread but:

Happened Sunday less than a block from my place. There are several mid/high end bars around there and an upscale Theater Playhouse across the street. Just keeps happening. The police shot a guy one block away from here last week, seems he brought a knife to a gun fight. Just goes to show, doesn’t matter where one lives, it happens.


I will try and make this true story short. In one of the projects I use to live in in Chicago, had security guard’s and there also was gangs. Anyway, the gangs wanted to do what they do and they brought in the security guards to try and stop them. Unfortunately a few of the security guards never made it back home, very sad and hurtful but true.