Titan Gun Vault - Experience or opinions?

Good morning,
Anybody out here with experience with the Titan? https://www.titangunsafes.com/

It looks nice, the portability is attractive, but the price seems (to me at least) relatively high compared to others I have been looking at.

I am looking for vehicle use when I travel and bedside storage when folks are at my house that are not familiar with firearms, like some of my grandkids.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.


I was not able to open the link. What I will say is as a general rule you get what you pay for in gun safes. Basically you are buying “time”, All safes can be defeated, question is how much time does it buy you. Is it long enough the thief will give up and leave before the lock is opened. Also, make sure the safe WALLS are equally as thick as the door. The big scam on gun safes is they rate them on the front door, but seldom is that the point of entry for a thief. 90% of safes have a thick door and flimsy sides. Ask your sales person to tell you if the sides are as thick as the door. If he wont discuss it, leave
There are many good videos on YouTube. Here are a couple videos on Titan locks and their “pick-ability”. I couldnt find one on your exact product, but this will give you a good idea of their resistance to picking. Overall titan seems to do a good job compared to others. Before the Titan lock picking videos is a good video on what to look for in a gun safe.

I’d prefer something like this for a vehicle, as I’d rather use something designed specifically for a vehicle, instead of trying to make a universal design work.


Either way, it’ll serve your purpose long as your grand kids don’t have access to pry bars.

Thanks for your replies. I am not sure what happened to the link, and of course it worked perfectly when I tried it. Oh well. I have tried again with another link below to the specific product I am considering.

As you can see this is keyless entry - I don’t remember the specific name of the product, but it is basically a combination lock. In addition, the Titan is CA DOJ approved, and since that is where I live, as infuriating as it is, this approval may be important.

I have also been looking at the Console, recognizing that means something else for any in house storage.

Thanks again!

Well, the lock type looks very similar to the GE supra locks we use in the RE industry. They’re reliable, and the combo can be changed.

Something that’s often overlooked about these lock boxes. They’re potentially very secure, if you can hide them well enough.