Tips for Cleaning Your AR / Rifle

What are your favorite rifle cleaning tips?


For GP after use cleaning, pull the BCG (Bolt Carrier Group) disassemble, hose off with Brake Cleaner and scrub as required. A bit of a squirt with LSA, drop it back in, cycle it a few times and put it up.

When the bore starts to loose accuracy (about 1500 rounds) I like Butches Bore Shine or Shooters Choice and scrub that puppy clean with a bronze brush FROM THE BACK!!! using a bore guide. Patch as needed with the above to all steel. Take apart the BCG and scrub as needed. Blow out the lower with compressed air. Add a few drops of LSA to the moving bits above and below. Go to the range and put 3 mags through it and then put it up.

Replace the gas tube every 5,000 rounds.

They are kind of easy like that.



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@Craig6, you are always spot on, but at least one of us (me) don’t know what LSA is. Google says:

“LSA, or D-lysergic acid amide, is a psychoactive chemical that shares many similarities with LSD.”

I don’t think that is what you mean :grinning:


@Gary_H… LSA… Lubricant, Small Arms in military jargon. Weapon oil. :smiley:

Oh heck another debate!! Gosh… I run mine hard, very hard. I also realize that what follows is blasphemy to some in the crowd. Trust me, I used to clean and clean and clean. I wore out 2 match rifles from cleaning (incorrectly in ways too) and taking apart until I learned to ease up. I pull the carrier/bolt and clean scrub when it starts to get sluggish… usually a 1000 rounds or so. I measure cleaning by the case… LOL I will scrub clean the barrel in there somewhere too, maybe the second time I clean the carrier or a big match is coming up. I have used everything from kerosene for cleaning, and Mobil1 for lubricant, to Weapon Shield and Hoppes. For copper nothing goes as fast as ammonia based stuff (Sweets, Montana, Butches, etc), but dang it is nasty. I have been known to use JB Bore Paste instead…
Always clean from the breech end, unless you can’t (Garand, 10/22, etc), then use a bore protector.

I replace the gas tube when I replace the barrel, usually about 12k rounds. I do replace the action spring every 5k.

Now ask how much I clean my 1911… :smiley:

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Thanks @MarkinMT, the closest I came to Military small arms jargon was incorporating FATS, now known as Meggitt, into training systems :grinning:

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