This cannot be allowed to stand- ANTIFA is a TERRORIST GROUP

If I were to show you police reports showing that Antifa members were caught commiting the crimes with tools of the trade in their possession, you would come up with some reason to explain it away. Research local media, if you think you will get the truth through national media, you won’t.


I have to know, just who do YOU think destroyed all those businesses? Please enlighten us.


Since Antifa is an amorphous organization without centralized leadership it is hard if not impossible to say exactly which of the many violent events at the various “mostly peaceful” protests that have taken place over the past several years can be attributed directly or indirectly to them. But it is clear that many people who identify themselves as members of antifa have taken part in and promoted violence. In the above link they were actually protesting against Biden’s election instead of the usual Trump protests. I see authoritarian tendencies in both their leadership styles so can sympathize with those that don’t like either but can’t agree with Antifa’s tactics to appose them.

Many of their members seem to identify as anarchists which makes sense because many of these people seem to be against any form of authority and thrive on creating chaos in the streets. Some members claim to be non violent but many seem to view violence as an appropriate tool to “defend themselves” from right wing fascism. I am no fan of fascists but at least to my eye Antifa’s techniques seem very much the same as the fascists they claim to be apposing.


So is @WDB444 confusing Antifa with anti-fascism? Am I confused or are they one and the same or both?

This answer is based, Thanks. People are so susceptive to conspiracy theories, that they do not even stop to take the time and think about what the implications or the level of involvement would require. For example those who think the moon landing is a hoax, miss the fact that the Soviets who were our enemies would have to had been complicit and “in on it”


It seems we’ve both done what we could. We both served in some capacity and if I’m right we both took an oath. I served that oath as effectively as
I ( as an individual ) possibly could. I’m sure there are times when we both had some words with our superiors, that they did not look kindly upon. Now we’re older, somewhat weaker and not the, save the world invincible rock, we used to be! Still honorable and courageous, but not a rock. It’s going to take a leader with leadership skills and a strong set of cahones!
The work that’s required to fix what’s wrong now is left to this generation. However this generation is the worst mankind has created. We’re leaving the world to despots and psychological phuckups!

You did your part in your day, I did mine in my day, not one second was a waist of my time unless you consider stopping Russians from nuking NY a waist of time! Or putting a halt to communism a waist! Back then, if the man, otherwise, known as a COMMANDER in CHIEF, said push the button, there was no doubt in my mind, we push that button!

I was responsible for many things, among them ensuring every boat in the squadron was prepped and ready to be underway within 6 hours or at the drop of a hat. I never took no for an answer. That commitment and state of mind made me 2nd best in the fleet!

I’ve saved the government, countless millions of dollars, nuclear and non nuclear! My standards became the benchmark since 1984! And are probably still in use today. I wrote the book on a computerized launching system/platform aboard a submarine. Cruise control if you will!
3000 man hours in the seat, just to teach a boat to maintain depth within 1/2”. Plus, along with my captain we could maneuver the boat within an inch of sea mountains during a hurricane at depths and speeds that would make the strongest weep! Once those bulkheads start creaking and the dishes start exploding, some kids just don’t have what it takes! Of course they are dismissed as soon as we reach port. Some we just had to throw out the door while underway! Or temper their souls in the fridge!

It’s not in my blood to be a politician/liar and money hoarder! In addition, my methods to fix our current situation are, shall we say, unconventional, in the modern era! We all know what needs to be done, all but the Israelis are afraid to commit to, that my friend will be our demise! No one of this generation is committed to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. There’s absolutely nothing “I” or you can do about that!


It doesn’t matter what I think about business being destroyed. What matters is did Antifa destroy them. Not a guessing game. Antifa can only be found guilty of being terrorist if they are proven to be terrorists. They don’t have to prove they are not terrorists.

I am tired of this, you NEVER take a stand, all you do is accuse everyone else of being cruel and judgmental. Once again who do you think did it? If we are so wrong, then who do you think did it?? Simple question.

Man up Robert take a stand for once.

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Well my understanding is Antifa stands for anti fascist. So people in Antifa likely believe they are antifascist but I suspect most people who consider themselves anti fascist do not consider themselves part of Antifi.

There were several people in GA who apparently considered themselves members of Antifi who were arrested and charged with acts of terrorism. I think the case is still ongoing.


Their tactics are anyhting but anti-fascist . And yes, the case is ongoing.

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I would agree. They seem to be pushing the same “you are either completely with us or you are against us” agenda that fascists insist upon.

Though I suspect as in most things in life there are probably a lot of shades of grey associated with that group. There are definitely some people who are completely radicalized, violent anarchists and likely many others who are none violent anti establishment people who really just want to stand against authoritarianism.

Unfortunately the extremes tend to be used to define the whole these days. Equally unfortunate is that just as many people seem willing to put up with other potentially lesser evils if those evils promise to get rid of the one evil they are currently struggling against.


I don’t think it is any less human characteristic to not guess. I think you are trying to be deceitful and try to hide the fact that you don’t know the truth.

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The letter accompanying the powder carried a disturbing message: “End elections now. Stop giving power to the right that they don’t have. We are in charge now and there is no more need for them.”

The letter added, “Also be aware your ballot drops are very susceptible to noxious chemicals like am/bl, they are unsafe to the public just saying.”

The letters have featured symbols associated with ANTIFA, a progress pride flag, and a pentagram.

So yes this can be a false flag operation. Antifa up to their fascist tactics.
This group has 0% issue terrorizing journalist that report on crimes or tactics committed by Antifa. Interestingly enough they have no problem going after those they oppose. So much for the whole "Anti Fascism.
A false flag within a false flag would not surprise me. Say the more hard right conservative fringe groups use Antifa tactics to deflect if they were the perpetrators. It could serve the purpose of silencing or scaring the group or people they want, plus the added bonus of framing Antifa for that specific act.

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I can guarantee you I know the truth. So I am deceitful? ONCE AGAIN, Who did it? Sounds like you are being deceitful. Tells us who did it, if you think I am be deceitful.

If you are so wise and Pious , then you would have your own proof I am wrong. So bring it.

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(note, this image is related to a RICO case brought against 61 Antifa members in Fulton county. who were obstructing the building of the police training compound and not this particular case)

Have you ever noticed Antifa, and the truly die hard BLM members, who will go in a diner and force people to say Black lives matter?
Well the most radical elements are not comprised of the group that is suppose to truly benefit…
But they look like the people in the picture.
Many a black person has told me they are tired of liberal white people trying to tell them how oppressed they are. and that anything wrong that person does can be attributed to racism and not issues with those people.
Black people say all the time, they feel like the extreme left treats them like they need to be guided and led by them, as if they had no agency. They laugh at those people of being clowns who will use or infiltrate any movement to use it for their own purposes and agenda.

And i think its mostly the women leading these things, and the men are just simps who go along with it hoping they will get something extra…But usually the women do not swing in the direction those guys are, sexually or complexion, the guys in the picture seem to be the type that would love paying child support for the woman and whoever she calls daddy. A bit of irony i find delightful.


What does me telling you who did it prove. Because I don’t know who did it doesn’t mean Antifa did it. Show me something that says Antifa did it and I will believe you.

Thank you. There is nothing to prove but Antifa did the bombings. You haven’t shown any evidence of that so I think you are being deceitful. One cannot prove innocence because it can only be believed unless proven guilty.

I suspect I’m like many of our other sisters and brothers here, I am not easily intimidated, maybe to a fault. Two thugs with clubs standing in front of the door running their mouths is more of a motivation than a scare to me. Many people that put on the clothes and put on the look are scared sh!++le$$, when intimidation doesn’t work for them they are lost.


I am done with you Robert, be a man and tell me who did it. I am not going to prove to you my sources and compromise them. You are a typical liberal that points fingers and judges but never comes up with proof of their own. Man up, tell me who you think did it. I am not going to spoon feed you. If you disagree with me , look it up yourself. Take the initiative and research the local media in the cities that were victimized by Antifia and their violence, vandalism and looting. If I am wrong do your own research. Prove me wrong

I can guarantee you I could not care less if you believe me. You want to earn some respect, tell me who you think did it.


What did I do? Do you not want to argue this anymore. I don’t know what you mean about being a man. I am human. I am not a robot. How can I prove that? If you don’t want to reveal your source I understand. I have no other choice. I think someone would have produced some evidence by now I they are a terrorist organization. Without evidence or proof they are innocent.