These may seem odd questions BUT

IF Obama was actually born in Kenya… as some claim…

1st question…

didn’t that make him unacceptable or unable to run for president???

2nd question…

would that also make the laws he signed null and void due to the laws in place???

3rd question…

would or could that be an considered an act of treason by the politicians that backed him???

just wondering…


YES, YES and YES! Answering for a friend!
But supposedly his b/c is manufactured in Hawaii!
Whether he was born in Kenya, Red Hook or Butte, he’s still a traitor to the United States!
Had we not been attacked by the Chinese, we would have had all the answers if the previous president didn’t have his hands tied behind his back or been blindsided by traitors within his cabinet.

  1. Yes, but unless you have a time machine, it’s a moot question.
  2. No. He was legally sworn in as president. The U.S. isn’t going to pretend those 8 years didn’t happen, no matter how badly you’d like to forget them.
  3. No. Treason has nothing to do with which candidate you support. If it did, Kamala Harris would have already had you arrested for treason, as she threatened to do.

We will have less questions like these, if Christopher Columbus would be lost somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and never found Bahamian islands.

There is a very big IF… As you stated: “as some claim…”. People say a lot of different things if they don’t like the facts… :face_with_monocle:


4th Question…

Was Michelle born Michael?


If Obama was born in Hawaii and his father was born in Kenya would that be okay? Just asking!

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Continuing political debate…
What looks better… President who maybe was born in Kenya, or President who filed for bankruptcy several times… :thinking:

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I joked in the last election that I was going to vote for the crazy old white man.
I’ll let you decide who I voted for. :laughing:


" Ding, Ding, Ding ,Ding! Give that man a cheroot!