The Quality of Public Education

The article below is discouraging, to say the least.

Poll Shocker: 20% of Gen Z Think Holocaust Is a Myth, 28% Believe Jews Have Too Much Power in US (

It is a survey by the Economist of 1,500 US Adults taken in Nov 2023 asking about their knowledge of the basic facts of the Holocaust. Among its findings:

  1. Nearly two-thirds of young Americans do not even know that six million Jews died in the Holocaust. Over a third believe 2 million or less perished.

  2. Almost half of millennial and Gen Z adults aged between 18 and 39 could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto

  3. Nearly a quarter of those between 18-29 believe the Holocaust has been exaggerated or are not even sure it happened. One in eight have never heard of it at all.

  4. 28 percent in the 18-29 demographic polled believe “Jews have too much power in America,”

Maybe we should get a refund of our property taxes paid to support public schools, 'cause something is seriously wrong with a publicly funded, government run education that has failed young Americans so badly.


I’m not sure this is a reflection of public education but of the power of anti-semitic conspiracy theories bouncing around the interwebs.


They are doomed to repeat it! They get what they deserve!
Let them find out the hard way! Then let it be forgotten as a myth!
Surely I’ll be buried by the time the camps open in California and New York! But I’ll be watching them suffer!

If the little assh@les had a problem with working now, can’t wait till they translate this.
My German is a bit rusty, but I believe this says “Work makes you Free”
Good luck with that!

I wouldn’t waste my time trying to explain the “myth” of the tattoos!


Reminds me of a Polish man, Joe, and his wife who live next door to my parents when I was growing up. They, too, sported tattoos on their arms from Auschwitz where they met. Joe was an intensely patriotic American immigrant who used to trade stereo equipment with the 16-year-old version of myself.

He’d be horrified at the numbers of Americans who believe the Holocaust never happen and that the tyranny in Germany that led to the Holocaust could never happen in America.


I’m not surprised. I studied Contemporary American History, Columbus to today, while attending college. Then one day while exploring in the west desert of Utah I came across this…

Much to my surprise, in the 2-3 years of “American History” at the University level not to mention Jr High and High school, I had never heard of Topaz. When I inquired the Prof. put it like this. “There are things in our past that we would rather not elevate, it’s better to leave the past in the past”.


In that case the word Biden should be stricken from all records and buried when he is buried and never spoken of again!
It shall here after be called the “B” word!
If the B word needs to be used it will be used in the following context:
The B word is the act of falling down while traveling in an upward direction, a forward direction or while motionless!
Formerly known as a HEADER!

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Ditto. Similar experience here. When driving between Colorado and a job in Topeka, I would periodically pass through the site of Camp Amache where 7,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry were imprisoned under FDR’s Executive Order 9066.

Not something even mentioned in my Colorado history class. I have come to understand that the individual rights we believe are so firmly guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are always abandoned for the illusion of security. But a Holocaust could never happen here.

Camp Amache is now a National Historic Site.

Amache Home - Remembering the wrongful imprisonment of Japanese Americans

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