The First Warrior (A Cheyenne Traditional Lesson)

The First Warrior smiled, looking upon the lands blessed to his people by The Creator.
Knowing that he would one day have to fight to protect his people, he said to Maheo (The Creator), “I will fight in Your honor.” The Creator replied, “No, you will not fight for Me.” The First Warrior asked, “Then for whom will I fight?” Maheo told the First Warrior to look at his people upon the land.
Then, Maheo said, “Fight for THEM, your people. Fight for the family into which you were born. Fight for your people, for they are your family… they are your home.”

A’ho, All My Relations

This story is dedicated to my USCCA family. We fight for our loved ones, for the innocent, for what is right. We fight for each other. We are family, and the USCCA is our home. Blessings.

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Thank you for sharing…AND never give up the fight…