The correct ammo

I just watched Kentucky fire Arms video about his 50 cal rifle exploding he explained how it all happen. My insight he use ammo that he did not know how hot it was. And the worst case scenario happen by God’s good grace and quick thinking he is still alive today, the gun exploded in such a way as to do his live a threatening way. Now I suggest that all safety minded people watch this video, now I’m a reloader and have never put in my brass a hot charge because of this very thing a I belive it’s not reasonable to do so. Just like the factory load that are p + p if you gun doesn’t have that stamped on it than don’t use it because if you do the same thing could happen. I always use my reloading books to do my loads they have been very good for me to stay in the window for that powder and bullet weight to get the results I require. So know what ammo you have and what pressures it does, remember stay alert and don’t get hurt.


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