A little different take on "Being Prepared"

I doubt the bulk gun powder did much exploding, might have combusted rather quickly making a good flare up. The ammo is a different story, I imagine under the right conditions you might get some brass or lead flying around…


Usually only if your close or it overheats in the chamber of the gun. :thinking:


I’ve seen video of several tests and incidents where live ammo caught on fire. The lead stayed put and the lighter brass cases flew a few inches to several feet. Unless the ammo is in a barrel there isn’t enough pressure to send anything flying with significant force.

If the powder or ammo were in a a very sturdy sealed containers there might be a chance that enough could go off at once to cause a serious problem and send some shrapnel around. But I have not heard of this happening.


which is why I’m hesitant to put loaded firearms in the safe.


There have been stories of firemen being injured when chambered rounds went off. Because of this I don’t keep my firearms in safes chambered except for my home defense handgun in a quick access safe. But it is pointed in such way that the bullet would have to go through several layers of metal and wall and the pistol would jam after the first shot. If the bullet did make it through all those layers then it would go over everyone’s head and drop into an empty field.

I don’t want responding firefighters to hang back worrying about getting shot. Though they would likely be a little nervous if all my practice ammo heated up to the point that it started sounding like the Fourth of July!


Our instructor during the CCL class here in IL showed some videos of what happens. The guy basically just took a round, put it in a metal pot on a camping stove with the lid on and just waited. Pretty anti-climatic imo which was the point of the video. Much different from some of the games I’ve played and movies I’ve watched lol


Basically, without a chamber to contain them, cartridges are little more than a brass cased firecracker. Really, they’re a pretty amazing invention in their simplicity, safety, and effectiveness.