The Aftermath: Richmond Case Shows What Not to Do

I have practiced martial arts and combat sports most of my adult life. Wrestled in high school, boxed for training but never competed, practiced Jeet Kune Do for 7 years straight, earned equivalent of black belt, practiced serrada eskrima for 9 years, earning a black belt, and now have been practicing Krav Maga for the last 18 months. As for self defense against multiple armed or un-armed attackers, ambush style, the Krav Maga training is far better than my previous styles. The eskrima was great for knife defense, but we never did “ambush” knife defense, only an attacker you see in front of you. For street survival id recommend Krav Maga. But, unfortunately, Krav Maga has multiple divisions in the United States now, and there are 5 main systems you can train under. I cannot speak for the other 4 systems, but Warriors Krav Maga (different than “Warrior Krav Maga”) under Nick Hughes is the most realistic no BS training ive ever had.



I agree 100 percent sir , sometimes we just don’t have a choice , we just have to react to the best of our given ability and hope we made the right decision

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You ask what special training I have outside of firearms. I have had law enforcement instructor training in Pepper Spray. I now include this non-deadly use of force training for all my firearms students as an option to use of deadly force where it might be applicable. I do recommend anyone who carries concealed have a non-deadly option and be properly trained in its use, whatever the tool. It could sure help us legally to carry something like pepper spray. Use what is necessary to stop the threat.

In Combat Competition it is Called the “Failure Drill”.
2 shots to “High Center Mass”/“Chest”(Your - Upper Torso) does NOT Stop the Threat.
So 3rd shot to the Head.

Logic - There may be a time when you face a Threat who - 2 shots to High Center Chest(Center Mass)
does not work. Say he has Body Armor.

Another Alternate -
To High Center mass, and my favorite “Secondary Area” is a “HIP SHOT” or Shots.
It is a bigger target than Head and there are 2 of them.
And they usually move slower than the head - ie Easier to Hit.

Take out a Hip Joint and he will probably go down.

“My” Personal “Failure Drill” is 4 shots - 2 Chest, 1 to each hip.


Having been trained in the military and then receiving advanced training after my tours, I can say it is very important to learn empty hand self defense. Any weapon you carry is just an extension of your intention. From a tactical point of view, it’s always nice to be aware of your surroundings and avoidance is always best. However, when it can’t be avoided, one will always fall back on their highest level of training. So train at a very high level and stay safe.


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I believe you are right on, James.
Handing over everything you have is no guarantee they won’t decide to kill you just for the heck of it. There are a lot of freaks out there, today. Anything to distract them makes sense to me and possibly allows you to prepare a defense. I, too, am 85 and carry every day. I also qualify in a move and shoot scenario annually.

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Gave this a little thought sometimes it’s better to fight then to be a victim. Just me…

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It’s a tough call, but is it worth killing somone over? In that situation, not for me.

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This thread has gone on for three weeks and I’m starting to see a pattern.

When your up to your butt in alligators it is hard to remember your original objective was to drain the swamp!

In an instant you are confronted by two aggressive individuals displaying deadly weapons.

The fight is already started. At this point you are fighting for your life. IMO Don’t hold back!

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Krav Maga

Translates into English. Put a hurt on the Meshugana any way you can!

Israeli hand to hand combat…yes, basic concept is to do as much damage as quickly as possible…no holds barred.

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