The Aftermath: Predators Run in Packs


If I could interject a simple deterrent.
SCRAP WOOD!— long enough to fit into the sliders of
every window. Home depot sells aluminum one’s, security 'experts
’ sell this an that for $$$$$$
But a plain old 1x2 or 1x1, hell a 2x4 ! I’d just paint it.
Scummer’s would have to take the window out then!

CCain’t open da winda, cain’t git in! Bang Bang!


Saying that criminals are “never” looking for a fight seems like a pretty bold and absolute statement. Exceptions exist.

Door barricades are used on all exterior doors when home, and all but one door when away, with that one generally being from garage to house which is deadbolted anyway and requires getting into the windowless garage with closed doors just to get to that door

(practically speaking, residentially) pick-proof and bump-proof deadbolts on all exterior doors with essentially non-duplicatable keys (and strict key control)

Extended metal strike plates and hinge plates with 3"+ screws anchoring everywhere possible.

Doors and windows kept locked

Monitored alarms set religiously (and with automatic arming for a set time each night just in case) with sensors on all doors and windows

Glass break sensors also

Good exterior lighting and lines of sight maintained by keeping landscape trimmed

Door from attached garage to house treated as external door

Garage doors kept closed when not in use

Vehicles kept in garages except for short term during the day in which case everything is still closed and locked

Vehicles generally kept locked even while in the closed garage

Cameras that record 24/7

Zero exterior doors with glass panels large enough for a person to ever possibly fit through, nor space to reach through the glass in the door and unlocked/open


I would never answer the door with a firearm in my hand that anybody could possibly see from outside.

I certainly wouldn’t open the door with a firearm in my hand.

I typically don’t answer the door at all if I don’t know who is on the other side, or I answer without opening. If I am opening the door, it’s because I have determined it is safe to do so, therefore absolutely no reason to have a gun in my hand. If it’s not safe enough to open without a gun, I’m not opening it.

To add: I delivered for UPS for a bit in the past. In the past-past I was newspaper boy and collected as well as delivering. I have lived in high gun states (currently in The South which is where I UPS’d). I also interned with a police department and did a bunch of ride alongs, going where the officer went. Three different cities for these three experiences. Never once have I gone to a door and had a person answer it with a gun in their hand. If I was ringing/knocking on a door and the person answered it with a gun in their hand, I would be quite concerned about what said person was going to do.

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I got pulled over the other day on a city street
(4 lane–2 each way)
The POE POE got out with his hand on the butt of his firearm
(I said Ruh Roe mentally)
I sent the window south and stuck BOTH hands out wiggling my
fingers. He stopped DEAD in his tracks, Visibly relived and came up on me
He wanted to let me know I was dragging something and I might not have known
about it. I DIDN’T.
He said ‘Do you want to see for yourself?’
I said Officer, Thank you but I have a firearm on my hip, and I am a CCW holder
and a Level3 Guard---- He replied 'Would you mind showing me the I.D.'s?
I produced them and then I got out.
He gave me the ID back and saw I was dragging a puffy hoodie (Black)
I never saw it. Just ran over it and it hooked onto me.
I gave it a tug and with a little effort detached it and threw it in the back of my Jag.
He gave me brownie points in his appraisal for not just throwing it on the dirty streets.
I told him Thank you but you gave me the willies pulling me over and he laughed.
We shook hands and split—SEE, I can be civil and not antagonistic (all the time :crazy_face: :neutral_face:)
The problem here is everything is WHACKED and people are Jumpy.
If we continue down this road a lot of ‘accidents’ are going to happen.

I don’t blame him one bit for being … Cautious these days. He’s Outnumbered and vulnerable.

He was a nice fella, good Handshake. I blessed his safety as he took off.

We should have went for donuts! (SARC filled! :grin:)


I’m shocked, You disagree with me. I would have never expected that…


For what it’s worth, I’m agreeing with Mas Ayoob and also with every attorney I have watched on the subject



Do you need a Paramedic? a (Strictly medicinal) Visit from the (strictly medicinal)
'Calmer XXX Barrel under the neck of a Saint Bernard?" Send up a Flare and I will
send appropriate help!.. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Maybe a Barista certified Labradoodle perhaps? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Too snarkey? Just a little Levity folks I’m STRICTLY harmless.


Also works for double hung windows.


That’s what she said! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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I have double doors on the front. The door on the left has a deadbolt running from a recess in the floor to a recess in the frame at the top. In addition I removed the "credit card key " type of lock and installed a real keyed deadbolt. In addition since home invasion has become a popular pastime in SoCal, I installed 3/4 inch oak dowels at the top and bottom across the opening between the doors. They won’t stop a determined entrant, but my intention is not to make the door impregnable but to give me time to respond. At night I also hang two battery operated door alarms, one on each doorknob. It might give the home invaders pause or cause them to desist all together and it also gives me more chance to hear them at the front door and to take defensive actions. The patio sliding glass door had a crew in door lock. It is quite expensive to coat the door with resistant film so I have not pursued that avenue. The glass must be removed from the frame and the film run to the edges of the glass, otherwise the door can be kicked in all around the frame. The glass won’t shatter, but it can be pulled back from the frame. I know from sad experience as I had that done to a glass door at my business and that’s what happened the thief kicked the glass all round the bottom of the fram enough so that he could pull it back and gain entry. All that said, the glass in the door is over 50 years old and is not the safety glass that is installed in newer doors. This is old fashioned plate glass and when it breaks, it cascades down in large, dangerous pieces of very sharp glass and makes a goodly amount of noise. All that broken glass needs to be treated carefully. Stepping on a piece of it will easily pierce a sneaker sole and plunge deeply into the foot. Brushing a chunk still stuck in the door frame will give you a gash that will challenge the intern in the E.R. if the thief makes it that far. So the back door is really as much a danger to the would-be home invader as anything else I could install.


Living in an apartment on the ground floor the only “hardware” I have is a Ruger .357 magnum.


Home defense should ideally begin well before an armed homeowner inside their home. Layers of deterrents and barriers, for your protection

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Security system on all windows and doors, long screws in all door jambs/strike plates, long props from door knob to floor including attached garage walk thru doors and no windows in garage.


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