The Aftermath: Domestic Turned Deadly

I partially agree. When seconds count, law enforcement is only minutes away. In this case, it seems they responded quicker than normal. Average police response time, according to a very recent article I read, is 22 minutes across the country up from 13 minutes only a couple of years ago. Couple of reasons: one, most departments are grossly understaffed. Not hard to understand given all the adverse publicity cops are given. Yeah, yeah, yah, I agree that a lot of the adverse publicity is deserved. We always seem to be our worst enemy not matter what job we do. Secondly, with all the cops being prosecuted, defamed, budgets cut, hung out to dry b.s., in my view, only a psychopath would be willing to become a police officer. Has anyone read about the deficit in recruiting in the armed services? Only the Marine Corps is close to meeting its recruiting goals. The army is 33,000 privates short this year. The navy has now removed any educational deficits for its new recruits. Didn’t graduate high school? No problem. Did really poorly on the aptitude test? No problem. Welcome to the new navy. And folks wonder why ships run aground or run into merchant ships and fishing boats. Driving a ship is a tiad more difficult than “Shoot everybody you see who isn’t wearing our uniform.” Not to make light of what 0311s or 11Bs do. They are the very pointy tip of the spear and deserve more credit than they generally get.

Based on what is posted it sounds like a supported decision to shoot by the stepfather, based on the abuser’s words “I’m going to kill everyone” as he ran into the house to supposedly retrieve a gun. Once he [Abuser] exit the house it’s fair game and shooting was the only option the way I read it.

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The young man had already assaulted the older man and overwhelmed him. I believe that with the verbal threat, returning to the home to “kill everyone” and the fact that the man had already be assaulted, that I too would have shot him to end the deadly threat! DW in NC

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I am probably wrong about my decision on this however I would have done exactly as the father did. In my opinion, putting myself in that situation I don’t know that the timing of calling the PD would have made any difference to the perpetrator.
Along with that, the town has a population of 40,000 and the PD has a total of 80 employees, and that includes all admin personell etc. covering a rural area of 7.5 sq. miles. What would the PD response team be??
The only firearms I ever trained in until, was my 2, 4yr. enlistments in the USAF. I have trained in Martial Arts and reached a level of 2nd Degree Black…which I can thankfully say I have never had to use…
Right or Wrong that is how I would have acted…

If the DA had brought charges against shooter, and if the shooter possessed USCCA insurance, would USCCA pay his legal defense?

The stepfather atempted to get the family out of harms way and the young man wasn’t having it. With other family in the home i agree the step father did what had to be done to protect other family members


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It was hunter warrior and protector not what ever. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

He was not demeaning you, his comment was in reference our “justice” system that punishes us for self-defense.

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