That Levin guy said

Mark Levin snaps. You gotta listen to this.

— Adam Crigler (@Adam Crigler)1627047714.0

Transcript below:

I was part of the Reagan revolution. I was part of the Tea Party movement. I was part of the Trump revolution. There is a massive movement afoot. It’s not under the radar, people just aren’t looking at it.

The silent majority is not going to be silent anymore. The American people are furious with what’s happened to their country — and by American people I mean all American people who love this country regardless of their color, their religion, their background — red-blooded Americans, they are sick and tired of what they’ve seen in the first six months of this administration.

They don’t like they way they’re being treated by the elites in the media. They don’t like being looked down upon by these phony professors who they bring on TV who trash them. They are disgusted with the teachers unions, parents all over this country can’t believe what’s happened to elementary schools and secondary schools. Parents go broke to send their kids to college and now they’re coming home on Thanksgiving or other days and they don’t know what’s happened to them.

We are paying for our own demise with tenured marxist professors and administrators, for schools that are turning on our founding and our history. Americans love their history. Americans love their history, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Americans are sent all over the world for people who do not look like them.

America’s borders are wide open. We have a president of the United States who is violating our immigration laws, who signs executive orders like he’s Benito Mussolini.
We’re sick and tired of hearing from San Francisco Nancy Pelosi and New York City Chuck Schumer. What they intend to do to our court system — those courts belong to us! Attacking separation of powers and our constitutional construct.

We’re tired of the way the family is trashed in this country. The family. We’re tired of the way private property rights are treated in this country.

Now we, the people, we are peaceful. You won’t find us running around with molotov cocktails. You won’t find us attacking cops, we defend the cops. You won’t find us burning cities and so forth and so on. We’re not ‘mostly peaceful’, we’re 100% peaceful.

But we are pissed off!

And we have had enough!

And we’re done talking about it!

The idea that a book like this sells 400,000 copies in one week and is well on the way to half a million, I’ve been in these movements before. I saw what happened with “Liberty and Tyranny” and the Tea Party movement. We know our history. We are a great people. And we have people in this country who haven’t contributed a damn thing to it, trying to tear it down and redistribute wealth. They sound like they’re soap box Marxists, going on and on about ‘we don’t provide this! We don’t provide that!’ and ‘Bernie Sanders is gonna provide it and AOC’s gonna provide it.’

They don’t know a damn thing about this country. They use the benefits of capitalism to attack capitalism. They use the benefits of liberty to attack liberty. They use the Constitution to attack the Constitution. I’ve been around a long time and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit still for this. And they don’t understand the American people. The American people are not going to roll over and play dead. The American people are going to speak out.

And let me tell you what’s going to happen in 2022 with the Manchin types and the others who pretend to be moderates who play footsies with these American Marxists: You’re going to get blown out. In fact, every damn one of you is going to get blown out. So kiss your career goodbye. You may have power now. You may be trying to force your will on the American people now.

But it will not last.

That’s what’s going on in this country. I feel it and I know it.


I like Mr. Levin. Just wish he would say what was really on his mind. :smile:


Certainly there are a lot of us that are wondering how far this can go. Can they just keep mailing checks to people that aren’t working, just because they have kids, that are from other countries? Can they just decide what they want taught in primary schools and call us racist and bigot if we question it? Can the borders be left uncontrolled allowing millions of people of unknown background and unknown intention in? How many more Executive Orders that kill projects and limit liberties can we tolerate? Mr. Levin is right, many of us, people that aren’t getting on the news, that don’t have blogs are growing frustrated. When they tipped the cop car over by my place and burnt it, the police stood back and watched. When the cops were being clobbered with frozen water bottles and rocks people that tried to step in and stop the protesters were arrested and hauled away. The roads were blocked so the protesters could march while those of us that live here had to wait to drive home. We can vent our anger at the ballot box for sure but in todays environment even that seems to have a dark cloud of suspicion hanging over it.


@Mike164 This plan has been used before. Google the Chinese communist revolution in the late 1960-1970’s. Pretty much the standard playbook, just add in a plandemic, and you are well on the way.


This is just my thoughts, I don’t see/hear enough folks writing or calling their people in office. If things don’t change in 2022 the worst is yet to come, for sure…


I don’t see a lot of outcry against these liberal hacks.


I have been screaming and yelling about them for 10 years or so. If you take the time to read what they say, they will tell you what they plan/want to do.

As an aside, anyone hear much from the feminist movement these days? :wink:


Hard to tell who they are anymore with all the gender benders now