Terminology: Double Action/Single Action

If you’re new to firearms, double-action and single-action are new concepts to you. Kevin explains them well:

What do you see as the benefits to each double action and single action?

The S/A trigger. A good one can’t be beat. With that said, the trigger on the 365 is pretty sweet😊

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On a revolver, double action for speed, single action for accuracy. On a pistol, single action rules the roost for both.


In a revolver the double action is the same always, allowing you time to shoot/no shoot. The single action must be used wisely because of the short stroke to trip it.
This is the same for pistols also, except some double action revert to single action after first shot. Some remain double action all the time and some stay single action.
Advantages of the double is first shot is always ready to go from holster. Single action requires hammer to be cocked before round can be sent. SA Pistols have an advantage here because they were designed to be carried cocked- & - locked, revolvers are not.

Preference is Da/sa either revolver or pistol. Exception is CZ82 & 83. They are da/sa but can be carried cocked- &- locked also if desired.