Tennessee residents poll

Just curious if there any other Tennesseans on here.


Yes, sir!

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I’m in middle Tennessee and you?

Southeast TN is home!

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I love that area before my family moved to Tennessee we lived in the blue ridge mountain

Yep, northeast Tennessee near he tri-cities area - Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City

I remember as a kid passing close to Bristol you could smell the sulfur mill miles away, smelled like rotten eggs.

Not from TN but I’ve always known ppl who had sulfer water in their homes. Turnit on and the rotten eggs smell would knock you down.

The last time I know it smelling that bad was around 1972, seems like the last time I was through there it didn’t smell.

I might be a transplant, but I love the smell of gunfire, muzzleloaders, and fireworks in the upper Cumberland area.

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I too am a transplant geew up i
N Northern Virginia but have been living here for 50+ years. Its home now.