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Tennessee Firearms Association is a non-profit advocacy organization created to defend all constitutional rights in Tennessee. Here is the link for their website. https://tennesseefirearms.com/


Is the link for the campaign against Tennessee from Red Laws.


Tennessee Patriots

Bill Lee issued his proclamation on August 8, 2023, calling the Legislature into special session

to consider 18 categories of gun control, Red Flag and other measures that seem to be from the playbook of the gun control advocates.

Curiously, as if there was some coordination between him and Michael Bloomberg,

Everytown for Gun Safety – a liberal group based in New York City - launched a six-figure advertising campaign in support of Governor Bill Lee’s proposed Red Flag Law.

Backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Everytown will do whatever it takes to advance their radical gun control agenda that disarms law-abiding Tennesseans and undermines public safety. That could include sending in “activists” from all over the country to wreck havoc on Tennessee leading up to and during the special session.

To date, groups like Everytown and Voices for a Safer TN have spent nearly $140,000 to bully your Legislators. With two more weeks left until the Special Session begins, we know this tidal wave of out-of-state cash is just the beginning and we know that Bloomberg has millions to spend.

To help us take on the Northeast gun grabbers and ultimately defeat Governor Lee’s gun control package, we must fight fire with fire.

It’s time to increase our advertising budget before it’s too late!

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August 12, 2023

The first few bills are being released for the Governor’s “gun control” special legislative session.

Capital Research Center, a national conservative organization, examines Bill Lee’s Special Session and Gun Control agenda in detail with Tennessee Firearms Associaton’s Executive Director John Harris.

In part of the discussion Robert Stilson reviews how national gun control groups are using nonprofits and charities to funnel millions (over $200 million in “dark money”) to enact gun control which appears to be happening now to support Bill Lee’s gun control agenda in Tennessee.

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I voted for Lee and several others I know did, however based on the gun control garbage he is backing WE will not be supporting him again.

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I too voted and supported him until the proverbial defecate hit the oscillating device. Make your voice heard! Stop Bill Lee's Red Flag gun control in Tennessee - TFALAC

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August 18, 2023

The Special Session is an opportunity for deception and poses a risk to 2nd Amendment rights.

As of August 18, 2023, a review of the circumstances regarding Bill Lee’s proclamation for a special legislative session and some of the response of legislators to that proclamation forms a basis for conservatives to be concerned about the potential for misdirection and lack of openness in the process to materially change public policy in Tennessee. It also keeps alive concerns that the Legislature will consider Red Flag law proposals (which Governor Lee refers to as “temporary mental health orders of protection”) as well as a spectrum of other potential gun control proposals. Below is the complete story link.

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Alice Rolli issues press release support “extreme risk” orders - that is, Red Flag laws.

On August 20, 2023, Alice Rolli, who presents herself as the conservative option in the race for Nashville mayor, issued a press release in which she appears to bemoan that Tennessee does not already have a “Red Flag” law or procedure to allow the government to step in and seize firearms from individuals that the government identifies as mentally ill or drug addicted.

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August 21, 2023

Bill Lee has called a Special Session with the obvious purpose of pursuing his Red Flag agenda and other gun control measures.
As of Monday morning, August 21, 2023, the Legislators have filed 102 House Bills, 14 Senate bills, 24 House Joint Resolutions, 74 Senate Joint Resolutions, and 10 House Resolutions. Of the proposed bills, many of them have broad captions and many of them can be amended to do things entirely different from the language contained in the bodies of the original bills. Thus, the risk for a Red Flag law remains present - particularly when that has been the primary goal of Bill Lee and several Legislators (including the Lt. Governor) since April 2023.




The following Republicans care nothing about the safety of Tennessee school children as they voted no to provide immediate armed response on public or private school grounds.


Charlie Baum (R) - No
Scott Cepicky (R) - No
John Gillespie (R) - No
Kirk Haston (R) - (no answer)
Justin Jones (D) - No
Harold Love Jr. (D) - No
Sam McKenzie (D) - No
Antonio Parkinson (D) - No
John Ragan (R) - No
Bryan Richey (R) - (no answer)
Mark White (R) - No

Thank them for what??? Making law abiding citizens into victims??? I’d rather keep my guns and be capable of defending myself and my family.

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Update on the results of the Governor Bill Lee’s Tennessee special sessions.

To all pro 2nd Amendment just a little food for thought, https://youtu.be/CDpWPaFdHJE