Tactical Tuesday: Trigger Finger Practice Anywhere!

Need a trigger control drill that you can do anywhere? Moving your whole hand when you shoot - even if it’s a minor grip change or flex - can really affect your shots. @Beth and Steve give you a great training drill you can do anywhere!

How can you remember to do this drill often?


Yeah give it try. There are so many ways to explain the same thing that most of the time we just have to listen and try everything until something clicks for us.

This didn’t work for me but it may work for you.


I’ve been told about this on every class, but what really works for me is releasing pinky on dominant hand.
And great remark from Beth: we don’t PULL the trigger, we PRESS the trigger !!!


This will sound weird @Jerzy but I hear people said the same thing reversed all the time and then add in other words too:
Activate, squeeze, break, move, stage, compress —
I’m confused now too.

My position is different parts of the country have slightly different primary meanings of words, so whatever works is cool with me.

The basic goal is to move the trigger show to the back of the gun without moving the rest of the gun. The rest is technique and practice.


@Sully_LST :+1:
I will stay with PRESS. This word explains technique how to activate the trigger.
When I say PULL - people make hook from the finger
When I say SQUEEZE - they squeeze whole hand on the grip… :grimacing:

So PRESS is simpler to explain and understand.

But, like you said: The basic goal is to move the trigger to the back of the gun without moving the rest of the gun.


I grew up on a dairy farm. I sometimes think hand milking is built into muscle memory. I feel like I’m having to teach my hands all over again.

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@John150 :grin: your “hand milking” would be a great example of bad grip squeezing :wink: