Tactical Tuesday: Trigger Control

I recently started working with a new shooter at the range. They were familiar with their firearm, shooting decently, but still struggling with accuracy.

One drill that really helped me see where she could improve was the one hole drill. Using that drill, I could see she needed to work on her trigger control.

Here are some great tips from Beth and Steve to improve your trigger control:

How often do you work on your trigger control? Have you seen an improvement in your shooting when you work on your trigger control?


Good video, great tips.
I work on trigger control during dry firing. 3 - 5 minutes. Laser cartridge with laser target. Then “one hole drill” at Range.
And yes, I saw improvement in first 2 months. Now it is just keeping the skill in good shape :slightly_smiling_face:


A tip the helped my trigger control was, Don’t worry about pulling till the shot breaks, pull your finger back like you’re trying to touch your shoulder with it. The visual helped me with a more consistent pull and less “slapping” the trigger.

Also the one hole drill helped confirm the i was making good adjustments


Good tip @Sheepdog556. We should not wait for “bang” . It will come no matter what.
The best is to focus on front sight, or target (depending how you shoot) and do not think about the trigger.
I remember my Instructor ordering me to talk to myself “front sight, front sight, front sight”… until “bang” sound. It forced me to not thinking about the trigger.