Tactical Tuesday: Snap Cap Drill

Are you flinching? Anticipating the recoil? Not sure what’s going on? Try this drill to help you diagnose if you’re flinching or anticipating.

If you’ve got someone with you at the range, be sure to have them watch your gun, not your target! :slight_smile:

Do you flinch? Does this help you analyze your shots?


Not anymore (thx to this drill)

This is the perfect drill which helped me, my kids and friends to defeat flinch problem :muscle:

I also like this video (male version :wink:)

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I use snap caps for analysis a lot, both for myself and when training others. I will often introduce them to a student without telling them beforehand. What I mean is, if I’m seeing indications on their target that they’re anticipating the shot or slapping the trigger, I’ll load a magazine for them with snap caps throughout and won’t tell them what’s going on.

I find that when they aren’t expecting it or trying to prevent it, the effect is more pronounced and easier for them to see. I then take a moment and explain what happened, why, and how we’re going to work to fix it.

As a student becomes more aware of it and is really trying to fix the issue, I change the drill some (note, the modified version requires some different techniques if you’re teaching a revolver as the mechanics aren’t as easy to set up). At this point every time they come up to a snap cap, if they dip, they then have to give me 5 clean trigger presses on that snap cap before they can move past it (I help them reset their trigger without ejecting the cap if needed). This is a technique I was taught with and it really stuck with me. It quickly makes you realize you want smooth presses every time. LoL