Drills can improve your shooting and save your money

Everybody knows that drills improve our shooting skills. No doubt. But in my case one drill also save my money. :money_mouth_face:
The story began when I transferred my Walther PPQ to my son and bought CZ P-01 Omega (I’m fan of metal / aluminum frame).
The moment I started shooting CZ I noticed it shot low (sometime it was extremely low). :hot_face: Never had this with PPQ. :thinking:
So I found solution (acually… Google found it). I had to change front sight or rear sight… Hmmm great, simple… but, unfortunately, expensive idea :woozy_face:
Anyway… I found the way how to calculate my front sights dimension, based on shooting results (it’s called “sight math” [I learned something :face_with_hand_over_mouth:])
I took my pistol to the range, made measurements after 100 rounds… and then RSO appeared asking what I was doing… I explained.
He grabbed my magazine, filled it with mix of live and dummy rounds and told me to shoot.
I did it 5 times (I never knew how many total round, how many live and dummies.) He took video every time so we could discuss the problem.
I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE FINAL RESULT. After 20 minutes I didn’t have to change my sights anymore :grimacing::lying_face::roll_eyes:. Money stayed in my pocket :slightly_smiling_face:

The drill is called " The Snap Cap Drill" (presented by USCCA)

Here are some pictures from my shooting:

IMG_20190930_204028 IMG_20190930_204054 IMG_20190930_204102



It is still not perfect… but this is not a case here… Hopefully few more days and all hits will land in red circle. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

So as you can see, that’s the beauty of drills.
I’ve been dry firing with this pistol, using laser cartridge, and laser has hit perfectly before this drill…