Tabletop Dry-fire Drill

Kevin’s sharing a great tabletop dry-fire drill:

(Due to technical difficulties, I’m sharing the video solo, outside of the blog post. Here’s the full blog post. And NO, I had no say in the screen capture for this video :rofl: )

What other drills do you use for your dryfire training?


My youngest son introduced me to “Spring” Airsoft Guns, They have the same weight and feel of many popular pistols out there and are AMAZINGLY accurate inside 10’. I have a shot timer app on my phone that you can set so that it will register an Airsoft Gun. I took a “Monster” energy drink can and tilted it down a few degrees in the back and affixed it to a camera tripod. In my garage or anywhere else with a good backstop you can fire single shot from the holster and or do a FTF drill.

PLEASE wear shooting glasses!!! Long sleeves etc.

If you miss the can that pellet is coming right back at you! FAST!!!



I got the ITarget. Pretty good once I got the app setup correctly on my phone.

I also will use a table like in the video, but put a towel on it and with some dummy rounds practice my reloads. I will drop mags and step on them when shooting, but feel guilty if I drop them in the house. Go figure.